ELKHART— It appears the Elkhart School Board will have a few new faces with two long-term incumbents headed for defeat Tuesday and a third not running for re-election.

For the at-large seat, Babette Boling and Kellie Mullins were in the lead at 9 p.m., defeating incumbent Jeri Stahr, who has served on the board since 1992.

Of the six candidates, Stahr received the fewest votes. 

The other at-large incumbent, Karen Carter, who has served on the board since 1994, was not seeking re-election.

"I’m very excited," Mullins said about her likely new role. "Obviously our community went out and voted, it was a very close race for many of us, and that is a clear message that the community we serve is ready for a change. It's very important that we get back to where we were and I think that's the message we received tonight."

For the District B seat, Rocky Enfield was leading incumbent Glenn Duncan, who has been on the board since 1990. By 9 p.m., Enfield was in the lead with 1,480 votes to Duncan’s 1,071 votes.

Boling and Enfield were not available for comment by press time.

The school boad election is nonpartisan, with candidates not required to declare a party affiliation. 

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Awesome news. Hope it plays out like this.

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