GOSHEN — Adam Scharf won the clerk-treasurer race in Goshen with 54 percent of the votes Tuesday.

Unofficial results showed the Democratic former councilman defeating Republican incumbent Angie McKee by 2,625 votes to 2,222. The 27 vote center locations and early absentee votes were counted before 8 p.m.

Scharf said he's looking forward to making himself useful in new ways.

"I'm looking to approach this job in service and stewardship," he said.

Voter turnout in Goshen was about 26 percent, with just under 5,000 of the 18,600 registered voters turning out.

Among unchallenged candidates, Mayor Jeremy Stutsman, Democrat, won another term with 3,801 votes and Richard Mehl was elected judge of the city court with the 3,607. Republican Jim McKee was re-elected to the city council, with 477 votes, and Democrat Gilberto Perez Jr. was elected for his first term with 1,082 votes.

Among the challenged races in Goshen:

2nd District Common Council

Douglas Nisley, Republican, defeated Democratic challenger Jonathan Neufeld 613 votes to 412.

After being appointed to fill the seat a year and a half ago, Nisley said it would be very satisfying if the official results told the same story.

3rd District Common Council

Republican Matt Schrock led Democrat Jennifer Shell by one vote in the unofficial results — 248 to 247. Independent candidate Rafael Correa received 33 votes.

4th District Common Council

Megan Eichorn, Democrat, received 820 votes to Republican Mark Huser's 470 in the unofficial results.

Common Council At-Large

Brett Weddell, Republican, and Democrat Julia King were re-elected. Weddell received 2,480 votes and King received 2,860.

The other two candidates were Republican David Daugherty, who received 1,960 votes, and Democrat Charles Mumaw, who received 1,956 in the unofficial results.

Weddell said he'll be happy to serve for a third term on council and continue the work he's been doing.

"I'm happy to be able to serve for another four years," he said.

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