concord mall

Concord Mall’s new managers hope to bring fresh life to the Elkhart County property.

ELKHART — The new owner of Concord Mall is bullish on the shopping center’s future, promising an investment in the facility, new stores and plans to convert any unused retail space to office space.

S.L. van der Zanden, the CEO and managing principal of CapRock Real Estate, confirmed completion of the long-awaited sale Friday.

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I still think that a variation of the Lighthouse Mall in Michigan City would work as long as the stores are discount or factory close out type stores.


Out of curiosity, I took a stroll through the mall for the first time in a couple of years. My thought as I finished the lap around the mostly empty/closed store fronts was "this is what malls in Chernobyl probably look like".


That portfolio is NOT impressive. Do not hold your breath for any significant changes, (cough *** open air concept announced 3 years ago, could not even successfully move JoAnns in the old Martins *** cough).


Agreed, No store worth their salt is going to sign a long term lease there after going in and taking one look. (Although the old Martins was full of Asbestos, that's what killed that move..) Lots of "Ideas" out there about housing, shelters, offices, and the like, But it not like new owners are magically going to cut the rent 50% and all the unicorns and rainbows start lining up at the front door next week. As a new prospective occupant, I'd be more worried if the new owner was going to make it !


Gosh I thought there was going to be high end condos looking out onto 200 trains a day on the main line! Ding... you lost me on the Martins move and asbestos!

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