ELKHART — Over 250 RVs and travel trailers crowd the grounds of the RV Hall of Fame, where they will remain until Sunday night.

Matt Rose, director of recreational vehicles for the Indiana Manufactured Housing Association Recreation Vehicle Indiana Council, said the Spring Hall of Fame RV Show in Elkhart is a popular event for dealers because it gives them an opportunity to clean out last year’s inventory and make way for new models.

“This time of year the dealers are looking to get their 2019s sold off, so this is a great time for someone to come out and get a great deal,” Rose said, though the show boasts several new 2020 models as well.

Seven local dealers brought stock from dozens of manufacturers.

“I think the biggest benefit for people coming out to a show like this is that they can see a lot of different products in one place,” Rose said. 

Dealers involved in the show include International RV Wholesalers, Indiana RV Connection, Goshen RV Supercenter, Total Value RV, Tiara RV Sales & Service, D Showalter RV and Royal Motors of Middlebury.

“They can see product that ranges from small travel trailers that someone could pull with a pickup truck they already own, all the way up to a Class A motorhome that they might want to winter in in Florida, and everything in between,” Rose said. “There’s lightweight travel trailers that can be had for $150 a month all the way up to motorhomes for $500 a month. There’s a good variety here and they’re priced competitively to move units.”

Rose said the Indiana Manufactured Housing Association helps to support the RV industry with its seasonal shows, like this one held in Elkhart.

“The RV industry is a huge deal for North Central Indiana,” he said. “Our industry employs 50,000-plus people. It’s an important part of our community. If you don’t work in the RV industry, you know someone who does. It provides a lot of jobs, a lot of opportunity and it’s how people make their living in this area.”

Despite the difficult weather conditions of the week, the event is still expected to bring about 2,500 people. In August, the Midwest RV Supershow at the museum is expected to see around 5,500 people.

“A lot of people will drive to the Elkhart shows because they know there is no other place to get a better deal. An RV costs more the farther it gets from the factory.”

The Spring Hall of Fame RV Show will continue from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and again from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

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