ELKHART — An Elkhart RV maker has been cited by the state for safety violations found during an inspection last year.

The RV Factory at 2503 Marina Drive received citations for six safety violations following a site inspection by the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The inspections were carried out between August and October.

In a safety order and penalty notification that followed the visit, the company was told of four serious violations that were found as well as a repeat violation and one non-serious violation. They resulted in proposed penalties of $10,500, according to the Dec. 17 order.

The serious violations included:

n Not providing safe access to walking-working surfaces, leaving roof installation employees exposed to a fall hazard when stepping across an 18-inch gap. The citation carries a proposed penalty of $2,100.

n A lack of fall protection for roofing workers when installing insulation, air conditioning units and other things on top of an RV. The item carries a $3,000 proposed penalty.

n An employee using a half mask respirator to work in a paint booth was not given a medical evaluation ahead of time to determine their ability to use a respirator. The violation carries a $1,500 proposed penalty.

n No fit testing was performed prior to an employee using a half mask respirator when working in a paint booth. The violation carries a proposed penalty of $1,500.

The repeat violation was for not having a written hazard communication program regarding the use of chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol, degreaser, clear coat and fast reducer. The RV Factory received a similar citation after an August 2017 inspection.

The item carries a $1,600 proposed penalty.

The non-serious violation was for not providing hazard communication training for workers using chemicals. It carries a $800 proposed penalty. 

The RV Factory was given until Jan. 23 to address the safety issues.

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Sounds like Brian Shea is running a sweat shop.

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