Retired detective gets suspended sentence

Scott Hupp

ELKHART — A former Elkhart Police detective has received a one-year suspended sentence after admitting to charges related to breaking into his ex-wife’s home.

Scott Hupp, 50, pleaded guilty in September to residential breaking and entering, a Level 6 felony, and two Class B misdemeanor counts of harassment by phone. He was charged in September 2018, following an investigation that began after a woman reported seeing him reach in through her living room window while she was sleeping on the couch.

Under the terms of Hupp’s plea, the parties were free to argue for his punishment. Elkhart County Superior Court 6 Judge David Bonfiglio sentenced Hupp to one year of reporting probation on Friday.

The sentence for the 20-year veteran of the department also includes two suspended terms of 180 days, to be served concurrently with his year on probation. He is also allowed to travel for medical reasons.

Hupp was diagnosed with cancer in 2012.

Bonfiglio also ordered that he undergo a mental health assessment and follow-up treatment, encompassing possible addiction, impulse control and his medical condition, as determined by the probation department. The judge issued a no-contact order for the victims.

The investigation into Hupp started after Elkhart city and county officers responded to a report of a residential break-in on July 28, 2018. Hupp claimed he had gone to his ex-wife’s new home to see where she was staying, and that he reached in through the window so he could get a better look at some DVDs inside.

His ex-wife told officers there were multiple incidents with Hupp since their separation four months earlier that caused her concern. They included an incident when he texted her to ask “how’s the fight?” while she was watching a UFC fight at a friend’s house.

She found a GPS device on her vehicle two days later and took it to Hupp’s supervisor. Hupp admitted to placing the tracking device on her vehicle without her knowledge, she said.

Later that month, she said Hupp called her multiple times in a 45-minute period. A review of his cellphone records showed 31 calls to her number in that time.

The Elkhart Police Department had planned to conduct an internal investigation once the criminal investigation into Hupp was complete, but department spokesman Lt. Travis Snider said Hupp took a medical pension on July 31 and was no longer employed by the city at the time he entered his plea.

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Sounds like a beginning plot of a Dateline episode. Bad Judge


Wow this makes me a bit worried for his ex's well-being. Once again our local judicial system slaps us in the face. EPD Strikes again! Should we expect a promotion?

Joe King

exactly. Had this been anyone else but a former cop, we would be jail, fine, etc. Cop or not, cancer or not...he is a danger to his ex....He needs a gps placed on him so she can track him for her safety!


Actually Joe, had this been anyone other than a cop, the charge would have been bargained down to a misdemeanor. A level 6 felony is the least serious of all felonies. Punishable 6 months- 2.5 years. The advisory sentence is 1 year. So if you know ANYTHING about serving a sentence you would know that time would be served in the Elkhart County lockup. Not a state facility! He did a stupid act. But really Joe...sticking his hand through an open window? Anyway Joe. Your argument is with the Statehouse in Indy. Not a local judge! The State of Indiana sets the punishment and gives leeway to judges to adjust for seriousness!

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