ELKHART — Elkhart Community Schools needs money to maintain transportation safety and attract and retain certified staff, school officials said Tuesday.

The Greater Elkhart Chamber of Commerce hosted a virtual forum Tuesday where school officials explained why the district’s upcoming referendum must pass to offset inadequate funding from the state.

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What happened to all the tax money the previous carpetbagger said ECS would save by merging high schools? 26 positions pay over $100,000 @ ECS. One over $200,000! Teachers now have their second round of vaccine! Get em in the classrooms 5 days a week through at least June! 180 days of work! Every holiday off! Thanksgiving vaca off! Christmas Vaca off! Spring break? Break from what? Tele/teaching? And I almost forgot! Most of June off! All of July off! And at least 1/2 of August off! You can check the teacher salaries and employees wages at gateway.ifionline.org. Choose the county, choose the city, choose the entity ( Elkhart city school s). if your friend works anywhere in the state paid by taxes, that persons wage for last year is listed. It is public info!

Revolution 1776

Tax tax tax


There is to much waste in the schools. Buildings with high ceilings for loss of heat lights left on when not needed .plus juggling of funds to fund another area or department should not happen a good chance it being poured into the sports department. Teachers and staff wont see it .Schools get many government grants some for supplies yet many of those supplies are never used they are stored and over the years thorn out . Cut the waste not increase the tax

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