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MISHAWAKA — Authorities were still searching for a driver who escaped on foot after being involved in a fatal crash Friday night while fleeing from police.

The name of the person killed in the crash has not been released.

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The driver had ample time to pull over and take his medicine. He did not and killed someone that was completely innocent. He should be executed for his actions.


This is a complete picture of what happened. Yes the guy led the police on a chase but the Elkhart police have ample time to stop it BEFORE the Jeep headed to bypass and into isp territory. Ask for the police scanner log if you want to know how it started.


So I guess the Indiana State police are lying about clocking the vehicle "EAST BOUND" on the U S 20 bypass towards the Elkhart County line. Not the way I heard Joden. I listened to the complete chase. Elkhart city police do not operate on the bypass in St Joe county. As a matter of fact Elkhart cars were called off before the chase reentered St Joe County. Actually I believe the whole chase was called off. But the stolen vehicle continued at high speed!


Well it started by him(them) stealing the Jeep.. Oh!!! in a stolen car let's do 90 on the bypass. The who that could of did what, don't MATTER. It's MURDER now, they not going to care about anything else

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