Stratford Commons shooting

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ELKHART — Police have confirmed that the shooting at Stratford Commons Wednesday morning followed a dispute among the tenants who were killed.

“(We’re) not sure what happened right before, but the dispute was over many weeks prior,” Homicide Unit Commander Mark Daggy said.

Daggy confirmed that the dispute, which occurred over several weeks this summer circulated around the grilling of food on campus.

“Our victims live on the first floor and smoke rises and he lived on the third floor,” Daggy explained. “It didn’t happen that day, but it was an ongoing thing.”

About 9 a.m. Tuesday morning officers responded to a call regarding a shooting in the office of Stratford Commons senior living apartments. There they found Mary McCall, 45-year old assistant office manager, had been shot in the chest. She was rushed to Elkhart General Hospital where she received surgery.

As of Friday morning, she was still in critical condition, but police said she is doing significantly better than days prior.

Upon searching the premises Tuesday, police found three deceased individuals – 66-year old Gail Shields, 66-year old Jon Malk and the gunman 76-year old Lawrence Faso.

Police said they now believe it to be a murder suicide situation.

They are assuming Faco owned the gun, although checks are still being ran.

“There’s a lot of follow up and interviewing,” Daggy said.

Police still have not released information on the mental state of Faso and are still conducting interviews.

They said they suspect they will have gathered all the information in the next week or two.

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Joe King

If seniors need to be tested sooner and more often for their driver's licence, perhaps there should be a competency test if they want to own a gun too?


The only thing they test at the bmv is eyesight. FYI. According to the article some guy just decided to shoot his neighbors over a dispute. There’s an issue here but I don’t think it has anything to do with age.

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