GOSHEN — The Salvation Army of Goshen kicked off its annual holiday season of giving on Friday morning with Pancake Day.

The Pancake Day fundraising event brought together over 2,000 residents to celebrate the season as well as give back to those in need in the community.

Pancake Day is expected to bring in $75,000 of the Salvation Army’s $250,000 funds for the holiday season, between guests who come in for the buffet and sponsorships.

“The best part of this is not only the people who sponsor, but the fact that we work with companies and service clubs for volunteers,” Salvation Army Major Sally Sell said.

In recent years, she said, companies that had only provided money to support the event in the past have begun also supplying volunteers to keep the lines flowing and the food coming for those who pay to enjoy the all-you-can-eat pancake and sausage breakfast.

“It’s amazing the connects we’ve made,” Sell said.

Now in its 56th year, the Pancake Day breakfast is second in fundraising for the holiday season only to the Red Kettle campaign.

Last year’s bell-ringing goal sat around $120,000 for the city, but Goshen Maj. Tim Sell says it’s not enough.

Sell said the Salvation Army is in great need of bell-ringing volunteers to meet holiday goals. Last year, the organization filled less than 40 percent of the available volunteers spots. Sell suggested that if just 50 percent of those spots were filled, revenue from bell ringing would increase by 20 percent.

“Last year, we helped 5,800 individuals and families keep their lights on,” he said. “It keeps them from moving and sometimes it keeps families from breaking up.”

More information on how to get involved with the bell ringers is available at centralusa.salvationarmy.org/Goshen, www.registertoring.com or from 574-533-9584.

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