Officer resigns in wake of drunken driving arrest

Brody Brown

GOSHEN — A Goshen Police officer who admitted to drunken driving while off-duty has resigned after he did not hold up his end of a bargain with the city.

Brody Brown, 24, is resigning effective Oct. 3, after a little more than three years with the Goshen Police Departmen . He was charged with operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, a misdemeanor, after his arrest by another Goshen officer on Dec. 14.

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Joe King

he should have been fired. Period. Now, he can find work again in another law enforcement job. Had this been any other person than law enforcement, they would have been arrested, fined.... This is the "brotherhood" that gives the good cops a bad name.


Probation violation!? Pretty mind boggling what these reptilian brained folks get off with.


I hope all future employers are smart enough to google this guys name to prevent wasting their time and resources.


If he violated the terms of his probation, shouldn't the original sentence be imposed? What's good for "Joe public", should be the same for an officer, I would think. We'll see.


That "resignation" sure sounds like a firing. Guess it's a "you can't fire me, I'm quitting" deal.


When Mr. Brown seeks other employment, it will look better on his application that he resigned.

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