Off duty officer's patrol vehicle, other vehicles and home damaged by driver

Cesar Ortega-Olvera

GOSHEN — Elkhart County Sheriff Department officials report that about 3:32 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 12, a vehicle was traveling south on C. R. 115 and lost control off the west side of the roadway.

The vehicle collided with two utility poles bringing them down and then collided with a truck in the driveway at a residence on C. R. 115 north of C. R. 118 in Goshen.

The utility poles damaged two other vehicles and the home when they came down, one of the vehicles was a marked sheriff’s office vehicle, according to county police.

An  off duty officer approached the suspect who was identified as Cesar Ortega-Olvera, 23, of  Goshen and the suspect resisted and fought with him, police said.

On duty officers arrived and attempted to take the Ortega-Olvera into custody.

The suspect fled on foot and the officers chased him, later taking him into custody without further incident, police said.

The suspect was found to be intoxicated with a BAC of .207, and was incarcerated for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, resisting arrest, leaving the scene of a crash, operator never licensed and no insurance with a prior conviction, police said.

He was driving a 2005 Nissan Titan when the crash occurred.

Vehicles damaged in the crash were a 2018 Dodge Ram truck, 2012 Kia Serento and a 2017 Dodge Charger (sheriff’s vehicle).

The home received damage to the driveway, garage door and walls from the utility poles.

Request for formal charges are being forwarded to the prosecutor’s office, police said.

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I'm just wondering why this guy ran after crashing! I understand he was drunk. But that's a ticket! No insurance or license? Could that be the reason? And why didn't he have both those documents? Could this be a connection to the other article posted today. Mr Aguirre from Goshen states immigrants fear the Sheriff's department. Because? We know!


Ah yes! the TRUTH fails also. Not an earth shattering false fact! But if the small facts are not true, are the big facts gleaned off your computer screen true! CR 115 does NOT extend north of CR18. Google Earth is a wonderful tool! To be fair, no news feed has the correct location. Once again it's not this small fact! But do we believe other so called facts on news media?


Don't you have anything else to do?


CC, do you have anything to do? Guess not! The point of my statement was , if you are a news reporting affiliate, you should be sure to report true facts. Ever so small. Reporting has been reduced to reading a news item on the screen. As I also stated, no news media reported the correct location! Tends to tell me the actual news release from the Elkhart County Sheriff's Dept. was the culprit here!

RasmusSJorgensen Staff

You are correct, we got that information wrong. Thank you for making us aware.

Joe King

Fire caring about factt...ha, that’s the biggest fail there.....

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