Indiana's daily average of new coronavirus infections continued growing at record levels with Saturday's update from state health officials, who also added 31 more COVID-19 deaths to the state's toll.

The seven-day average in Elkhart County also reached a new high, at 102, after 124 new cases were confirmed. One new COVID-related death was reported in the county, bringing the total to 129. 

The state health department's daily update showed Indiana's seven-day rolling average of newly confirmed COVID-19 infections reached 1,799 as of Friday. That is the highest level the state has seen during the pandemic and has more than doubled over the past three weeks.

The 2,521 new infections reported Saturday, a daily high, marked the second straight day that figure topped 2,000 in a single day. The health department said the number was inflated by about 100 cases that weren't previously included because of technical issues.

The newly recorded deaths raise Indiana's death toll to 3,918, including confirmed and presumed coronavirus infections, according to the health department.

Gov. Eric Holcomb cited the increase in cases on Wednesday when he said he would continue the statewide mask mandate for another month. Holcomb, however, chastised those who resist wearing masks as disregarding the safety of others.

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Joe King

Trump now claims "we have turned a corner"...while we see here the numbers and facts don't match what he is telling (lying) to us about. He is now attacking Dr. Fauci, because he is telling the truth. Trump also says "Biden will listen to Scientist"....if that isn't an endorsement for Biden, I don't know what it. Flu season is starting, more people are hanging out indoors, and hospitals are getting full. They may have to send people to different hospitals outside Michiana.... Wear a mask, wash your hands, keep a distance from people....its not that hard....if we all do this, this would have been under control by now...


I agree 100%. The facts are all right in front of us and it is way past time we start paying attention to them. Get out and vote as if your life depends on it because it does!


You are correct News. Life as we know it as a free society does depend on it. Vote for Biden and you get Harris and the gradual decline into socialism that we are experiencing will become an avalanche. Free everything for everybody until nothing is left. That is what you will get.


Congrats Joe , you got a post through without an edit. But you have posted the same drivel everyday for months.

Joe King

Not true...over 220,000 Amercians have died in 8 months....that number keeps getting larger...because of trumps denial and lack of plan. Trump and his administration is now attacking our leading pandemic scientist, in his own administration I might add.....

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