Mishawaka man sentenced on gun charges

Watson, Deandre

SOUTH BEND — A man who allegedly threatened another man accused of acting inappropriately towards his daughters will serve time in jail.

Deandre Watson, 38, of Mishawaka, was sentenced before South Bend District Court Judge Robert Miller, Jr for being a felon in possession of a firearm, said U.S. Attorney Kirsch in a press release issued Tuesday afternoon.

Watson was sentenced to 88 months imprisonment followed by 18 months of supervised release.

According to documents in this case, on Sept. 30, 2016, Watson believing a man acted inappropriately towards his daughters, sought out that man in a nearby apartment building. Watson had made a police report earlier in the day about the incident.

Watson, armed with a loaded 9 mm handgun, visited the man’s apartment with his daughters. Wilson hit the man with the firearm and locked the man in the trunk of his own car.

The man’s girlfriend called police who arrived at the scene. Watson has been convicted of three other felony offenses prior to this incident.

This case was investigated by the ATF with the assistance of the Mishawaka and South Bend Police Departments. The case was handled by Assistant U.S. Attorney Molly E. Donnelly.

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c smith

How in the world did he get a gun? I thought it was illegal to have a gun when convicted of three felonies! Better make another law for that! Lets protest in Washington DC.


You would have to enforce the laws first.......

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