MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury Community Schools will break ground on its $15 million outdoor athletics complex at Northridge High School on Tuesday.

The corporation has also signed a five year, $250,000 naming rights deal with Interra Credit Union, school officials announced this week.

The outdoor athletics complex at Northridge High School will feature an approximately 4,000-seat football stadium with outdoor track, baseball stadium and softball stadium all of which will be fitted with state-of-the-art field turf, as well as an updated team and game-day facilities.

The football facility, which  will be named Interra Field, benefits from a  five-year $50,000 per year naming rights sponsorship deal which provides category exclusive football marketing rights to the credit union and financial support for the school corporation to add additional support staff and equipment needed to maintain the grounds, according to a news release.

“We are so very thrilled that our school corporation has allowed us to provide our students and coaches with these wonderful facilities and we are very pleased with Interra’s support,” said Superintendent Jane Allen.

“At Interra, we are so excited to have the opportunity to partner with Middlebury Community Schools on such an impressive project,” said Amy Sink, CEO at Interra. “It solidifies our connection with the entire community.”

Plans for the new sports complex were introduced by Northridge Athletics on Twitter last August.

Currently, Northridge High School and Northridge Middle School share one set of athletics facilities and a gymnasium, resulting in space constraints, officials said. The proposed plan would alleviate that by allowing the high school to have a separate facility for events.

Allen said the new facility would benefit more than 700 students – 331 athletes, 265 students and 127 marching band students.

So far, Allen said the project has had no opposition from the community.

“Our community has been very supportive of our goal to provide these facilities to our students,” she said. “Considering the public hearings were in December and January, we are excited to know that we will finally see the work begin.”

David Harms, athletic director at Northridge High School, offered a similar sentiment.

“This project has been on the minds of our community, school and student athletes for a long time, seeing it all come together is awesome and will be great for everyone involved,” he said.

The project is projected to cost $15 million and could be managed without increasing the tax rate above the 2014 certified tax rate, Allen said.

Interra Field is expected to be open for the football opener against Adams High School in August 2020. Softball and baseball facilities are expected to be complete by spring of 2021

The groundbreaking will take place at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Northridge High School campus and will be open to the public.

To learn more information about the outdoor athletics complex and ways to participate, visit northridgefacilitiesproject.com.

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