GOSHEN — A man who pleaded guilty to one of three counts of child molesting has received a 30-year sentence. 

David Wright, 43, admitted to child molesting as a Level 1 felony in April, while an additional count of the same crime as well as child molesting as a Level 4 felony were dismissed. He was arrested in June 2018 after two victims under age 12 claimed he had molested them starting sometime after March 2015.

His sentence is broken down into eight years in the Indiana Department of Corrections, 12 years in a community corrections program and then 10 years on reporting probation. He was sentenced Oct. 3 in Elkhart County Superior Court 3, in a hearing that was reset from Sept. 12 because a pre-sentence investigation report hadn’t been completed.

Wright’s sentencing was originally scheduled for June, but was postponed after the judge heard he and his attorney at the time were having irreconcilable differences. Attorney Nathaniel Henson told judge Teresa Cataldo that he learned soon after Wright entered his plea that he wanted to withdraw it.

Wright claimed that Henson had misled him and that he was duped into signing a plea deal. He also claimed that his judgment was diminished by the length of his incarceration and by the amount of artificial sweetener he consumed while in jail.

Court records show that he did not follow through with withdrawing his plea, after being given a public defender in July. 

At sentencing, Cataldo recommended Wright enroll in the Sex Offender Management and Monitoring program while in prison and that he take a risk assessment at a sex offender-specific provider and obtain treatment if needed. She approved his transfer to Florida while in community corrections or on probation, if Florida accepts him.

She also issued a no-contact order on behalf of Wright’s victims.

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