Man convicted of making meth gets sentence modification

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GOSHEN — A Bristol man convicted of making meth in 2010 was placed on non-reporting probation, though he must still pay more than $25,000 in cleanup costs.

Andre Melfi pleaded guilty to manufacturing methamphetamine, a Class B felony, in May 2010.

He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, with four suspended, and ordered to pay the cost of remediation for the real estate where he made meth. 

Court records show he owes $27,431 in restitution. 

In January 2018, Melfi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. He was sentenced to one year, all suspended and served on reporting probation except for 10 days to be served on community oriented work program weekends.

As a result of violating the terms of his probation in the 2010 case, he was ordered to serve one year on reporting probation, out of the four years that were suspended.

On Thursday, he told an Elkhart County judge that he'd like to be finished with his term of probation in the felony case and to be placed on non-reporting probation in the misdemeanor case. He also offered to pay $300 a month toward restitution.

"I'd like to finally be done coming here," he told Circuit Court Judge Michael Christofeno. "I just want to be done."

Elkhart County Deputy Prosecutor Don Pitzer said Melfi has shown some of the most success he's ever seen, and had no objection to the request.

Christofeno granted Melfi's request after commending him on his progress, despite a few stumbles. He also set a progress hearing for Aug. 1.

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