Man charged with sexual misconduct with minor

Anthony Charles

ELKHART — An Elkhart man who is awaiting trial for sexual misconduct with a minor is being held without bond after failing to make his last court date.

Anthony Charles, 25, was charged in July 2015 with the Level 4 felony for allegedly having sex with a girl between the ages of 14 and 16. His most recent trial date was Feb. 19, which was set after a series of delays, missed court appearances and the withdrawal of his attorney.

A warrant was issued for his arrest in January after he failed to appear at a pretrial court hearing. He was arrested Friday and ordered to appear in Elkhart County Superior Court 3 on Thursday so a new court date can be set.

Charles is currently being held in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility without bond. He faces up to 12 years in prison if convicted.

According to court documents:

The charges against Charles emerged from a notice the Indiana Department of Child Services gave the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department in October 2014 of possible sexual activity between him and the minor girl. 

The girl’s mother provided investigators with some information and the girl herself said that numerous encounters had occurred between them that month. She said Charles was 21 at the time and knew that she was underage.

Charles initially denied to investigators that any physical contact had taken place or that he knew the girl, but he eventually admitted to the sexual encounters. He said he believed the girl was 18 years old but admitted that he “had a hunch” she was younger.

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