Man charged after alleged battery, protection order violation

Randall White

ELKHART — An Elkhart man is charged with invasion of privacy after he allegedly broke into a woman’s home a week after threatening her with a box cutter.

Randall White, 31, is charged with invasion of privacy with prior offense, a Level 6 felony, following his arrest Aug. 30. He was booked in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility on $150,000 bond.

His initial court hearing is set for this Friday.

He also faces charges, including battery with a deadly weapon and domestic battery as Level 5 felonies, following an Aug. 22 incident. Other counts include strangulation, domestic battery in the presence of a child and intimidation, all Level 6 felonies.

He was booked on those charges with bond set at $50,000 but was able to make bail.

A Level 5 felony carries a punishment of up to six years in prison and a Level 6 felony is punishable by up to 2-1/2 years.

According to court documents:

An Elkhart County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of a protection order violation at a residence on the west edge of Elkhart shortly before 10 p.m. Aug. 30. He met the victim at a nearby gas station where she had run to.

She said she was sitting in the living room watching TV when she heard noises in the basement followed by banging on the basement door. She also recognized White’s voice.

Officers using a K-9 unit did not find White at the residence. The victim became distraught because she was afraid White would kill her if he wasn’t found, and believed that’s why he was in her house that night.

Police found White at his father’s house later that night and arrested him.

Earlier incident

The victim had a protection order against White, which was served on Aug. 28. She obtained the order after the Aug. 22 incident.

Police responded to that incident after a 6-year-old child asked a neighbor to call 911, according to the documents. Three children had fled the house while the woman blocked the door to the basement, where White was located.

The victim said White became suspicious of her after looking at her phone, and he thought someone was hiding in the basement. She said he forced her to go down there and threatened to kill her as well as whoever might be in the basement.

During the incident, she said White struck her in the head with a metal pot, threatened to kill her with a length of rope and swung a box cutter at her legs through an open panel at the bottom of the door, while she held it shut.

The woman said she struck the knife out of his hand with a rawhide dog bone she picked up off the floor. White later broke open a basement window and got out.

The victim escaped the house with two children while the third had gone to hide in the back of White’s truck. The three children gave police a similar account.

The victim said White’s father bonded him out of jail after the first arrest, even though she begged him not to because she was afraid he would kill her.

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