Locals win power Lottery

(Left to right) Jorge Dominguez poses with Tong Saengtavnh.

BRISTOL  —  Five co-workers at the Chassix plant in Bristol can breathe a little easier when the plant shuts its doors in the next few months. The five are winners in the Hoosier Lottery.

Jorge Dominquez, who bought the tickets for the group, Tong Saegtavnh, Jose Cervantez, Esfir Kolesnichenko, William Hart and Russell Forbes will split the $50,00 Powerball prize. Each will receive $8,333 before taxes.

The windfall will be used to help pay for living expenses when the plant closes down, according to a press release from the Hoosier Lottery.

It turns out, that they almost got nothing. Time was running out to claim the prize, which hit on Nov. 1.  Thanks to news reports and Dominquez's daughters urging, the prize was claimed just in time.

“When a winning ticket is set to expire, the Hoosier Lottery reaches out to local media outlets, especially near the locations where the ticket was sold and encourages players to check their tickets for the winning numbers. Fortunately, these winners heard the message, and were able to claim their price,” said Sarah Taylor, executive director of the Hoosier Lottery.

The six Chassix employees have been playing Powerball together for about five years. Dominquez purchases the tickets from the same retailer every time, the 7-Eleven on 102 West Vistual St. in Bristol.


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That is money in the right place. If you don't waste it for junk like most do.

Average Joe

This could get interesting if they’re not legal.
Yes, I’m profiling.


Make America Average again.........WWJD

Average Joe

Isn’t that at least better than ObsoLeet?


PSSST! Jesus wouldn't gamble. Would He? It's not a sin. Maybe He would gamble and give away his get rich quick ill gotten profits!

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