Coach Linville

Jimtown track coach Joe Linville, left, chats with a Bremen coach during a Northern State Conference event in Bremen.

ELKHART — Several Jimtown High School students, parents and alumni are expressing their displeasure with the alleged dismissal of a popular track and cross-country coach.

The school reportedly asked Joe Linville to step down after a complaint came in about a letter he wrote to student-athletes.

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This just does not make sense at all. How can someone be let go by writing a few words. No big deal. There has to be more to this story than we are being told.


Utterly disgusting! I'm glad my kids didn't go to the fabulous Jimtown schools. I think the school board will regret this decision soon. Whoever pushed for it should be the one who is cancelled.


I don't get this one. Seems his statement was accurate. Perhaps I'm reading it wrong.


Baugo Super says they don't comment on personnel issues! Guess not when you have found the hornets nest . Really a DUMB move. I don't know how many times I saw my boys running with stocking caps, gloves and facemasks. NO pants!


He has been cancelled. Welcome to 2021 and the year of the snowflakes. Jimtown school board should be ashamed.


If words like this offend students, or even worse Parents to the point of dismissal, what does this show or prove in preparing kids for real adult life? Lets judge people by the content of their character, and not by a few words that are indicative of their personality... Coaches don't become beloved 30 year coaches because they disrespect their athletes....If there is more to the story than what is represented, the report it !

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