GOSHEN — Inmates at the Elkhart County Correctional Facility and their attorneys say it’s been difficult communicating, as the jail enacts lockdowns in response to positive cases.

The sentencing of Winston Corbett on Thursday was postponed for nearly three weeks after his attorney told the judge they hadn’t been able to meet since his trial. Corbett was convicted of murder in November during one of the only jury trials to be held since the pandemic started.

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Unfortunately I just was released from Elkhart County. Their "safety" measures are badly designed and even more poorly executed. They're piling up people way beyond capacity in booking to the point there were inmates being housed in the booking's shower area. THEN once you are moved to "general population" you're locked down all but 1, maybe 2 hours a day for quarantine but the same guards that walk the entire building? They're also amongst the "quarantined", guarding and walking up close to EVERY INMATE (mandatory head counts require them to scan EVERY inmate's badge they carry at the start of their shifts).

And that 1 hour of recreational time you're given is the same area that the rest of that cells inmates have used all day before you. Nothing is cleaned or sanitized. Nothing is even provided to try to. We all have to use the same 6 showers, and the same 6 phones amongst 48 people total. It's a pointless safety policy and does nothing to help with the safety of inmates and the staff.


Gosh! Not like that on the outside! Don't break the law!


Why were you in there? Innocent right?

Revolution 1776

Sounds like a breakdown in society

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