INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Forty-two more Indiana residents have died from coronavirus illnesses, pushing the state’s pandemic death toll from confirmed or presumed cases of COVID-19 to nearly 1,700, health officials said Friday.

Most of the newly confirmed COVID-19 deaths reported by the Indiana State Department of Health occurred between Tuesday and Thursday, according to data posted on the agency’s coronavirus tracking website.

Indiana has now recorded 1,550 confirmed deaths from COVID-19, the respiratory disease caused by the virus, along with 141 deaths considered coronavirus-related by doctors but without confirmation of the illness from test results.

Together, those deaths boost Indiana’s confirmed and probable deaths from the virus to 1,691 statewide.

In Elkhart County, 21 new cases were reported Friday, bringing the total number to 609. With no new deaths reported, that number remained at 22.

The state agency also reported Friday testing shows that 614 more Hoosiers have been diagnosed with COVID-19, bringing Indiana’s total cases to 26,655.

Marion County, the home of Indianapolis, had the most new cases. Those 202 new cases boosted the heavily populated county’s total confirmed cases to 7,995, or about 30 percent of Indiana’s total.

Additional testing is becoming available around Indiana, with a state contractor opening 50 testing locations. The tests are available to those with symptoms of the respiratory illness, those in close contact with someone infected and people with high-risk health conditions.

The state health department said it is holding drive-through testing clinics through Sunday in Bluffton and Gary in northern Indiana, the western Indiana city of Sullivan and in Madison in southern Indiana. The state agency’s full list of testing sites around the state can be found at

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