Improvements coming to Cassopolis Street

File photo The traffic light at Cassopolis Street and C.R. 6. City officials announced major construction work to begin on Cassopolis Street on Tuesday.

ELKHART — Construction will begin this month on improvements to Cassopolis Street in Elkhart, Mayor Tim Neese announced Thursday.

These improvements are aimed at enhancing the corridor for residents and businesses, as well as visitors to the city, and will include new sidewalks, a repaved road, and the addition of mid-block crossings and new pedestrian crosswalks at existing traffic signals, the mayor’s office said in a statement.

The improvements follow a 2016 request by Neese to conduct a safety study after several pedestrian crashes prompted concern by residents.

The study was completed by the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), with assistance from the Michiana Area Council of Governments, and included recommendations that will now be incorporated into a larger project to upgrade the major thoroughfare.

“The City of Elkhart and INDOT have worked cooperatively over the years to find the best solution to make Cassopolis Street safer and more pedestrian-friendly,” Neese said. “I appreciate the investment they are making in this major thoroughfare in our community and would like to thank all of our residents in advance for their patience as these improvements progress.”

The first phase of the project will include the installation of sidewalks along the west side of Cassopolis Street between Bristol Street and Windsor Boulevard. This federally funded project will complement the sidewalks installed by the city in 2018 on the east side of Cassopolis Street. To accomplish this will require temporary closures of the westernmost lane. Construction on the sidewalk project is expected to begin on Tuesday, May 28, and end on Friday, Aug. 2.

On Aug. 5, INDOT is expected to begin a large resurfacing project for the length of S.R. 19/Cassopolis Street. Resurfacing will begin at the intersection of Bristol and Michigan streets and continue east and north to the state line. This project is expected to be completed by Sept. 13. At least one lane in each direction will remain open at all times during the resurfacing, however motorists may choose an alternate route to avoid delays during peak travel times.

Following the resurfacing, INDOT will begin to incorporate the recommendations of the 2016 safety study.

After reviewing crash data, road design, speed in the area, traffic conditions, signage, pavement markings, and pedestrian counts, among other factors, INDOT will install the following:

Mid-block crossings with a pedestrian refuge island and warning signals will be constructed at three locations:

n Approximately 230 feet north of Woodlawn Avenue

n Approximately 150 feet south of South Drive

n Approximately 100 feet north of Emerson Drive

New pedestrian crosswalks will be added to existing traffic signals at three additional locations:

n Cassopolis Street and Bristol Street – north approach

n Cassopolis Street and County Road 6 – south approach

n Cassopolis Street and Windsor Avenue – north approach

Motorists should expect intermittent lane closures to accommodate the mid-block crossings and new pedestrian crosswalks. All construction is anticipated to be completed by the end of September.

For more information regarding this project, contact the INDOT-Fort Wayne District Customer Service line at 1-866-227-3555.

To speak with a member of the City’s Public Works and Utilities Department, contact Elkhart Right-of-Way Engineer Jeff Schaffer at 574-293-2572 or

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A reduction in the speed limit is also warranted on Cassopolis Street. If that were done in addition to the sidewalk and other improvements, it seems that safety for foot traffic would be doubly improved.
Does anyone know what is being built next to Belle Tire?


The street IS a state highway. 40mph IS the speed limit. So is it another million bucks for the west sidewalk? federal money is free! I travel Cass many times a week. I always look for the throngs of walkers on the new east sidewalk. They must be ghost walkers. Cause ya just don't see them. So 3 existing crosswalks will be enhanced! A couple of the fatal car pedestrian accidents happened just south of the Cass/CR6 intersection where the newly upgraded crossing will be. Knocked that person right out of their shoes. Same thing at that Cass/ Woodlawn area. So the thinking heads actually believe people will use these crosswalks. And almost ALL vehicle/vehicle accident happen at the intersections. Amazing! By the way! Who will keep those nice new sidewalks clear of snow. Just askin!


The only way to assure pedestrian safety by building something would be a solid and tall concrete wall. Of course you could first get hard against the dumb drivers out there, but since this is not going to happen.....

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