ELKHART — Immigrant workers in Elkhart and across the country are staging nationally coordinated car caravans in response to what they say is rampant workplace exploitation of undocumented immigrants during the COVID-19 crisis, and the failure of the government to provide basic relief to immigrant families.

“During this pandemic, undocumented workers and our families have had to choose between risking our health, working in unsafe conditions without necessary protections or fair wages, or losing the very income we rely on to feed our families,” said Dara Marquez, spokesperson for the Cosecha Movement. “The choice before us is to risk dying of hunger or dying of the virus.”

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Joe King

And cue the xenophobia and prejudicial comments below...


What is prejudicial about enforcing the law? The point is come here legally and you won’t have to complain about your “undocumented status” that won’t allow you to participate in programs put in place to help American citizens.


Your third choice would be to go back to your native country and then apply to come here legally. That would eliminate any future problems with your “undocumented” status.


You must be a legal citizen of the US with a SS #. Or a green card holder with the rig ht to work. The federal government of the United States can't support nor are responsible for citizens of other countries!

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