BRISTOL — June is national Adopt-A-Cat month and the Elkhart County Humane Society is offering specials all month long to help its furry friends find forever homes.

“We’re always pretty well maxxed out, but this is the time of year when we start getting kittens because people don’t spay and neuter,” Executive Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator Janet Graham said.

There are also four cats at PetCo in Goshen, and two at the Martin’s Pawmart at Cobblestone Crossing.

Rescues help hold kittens and many other cats for the animal shelter when the population gets too high.

“There’s just so many and they never stop coming in,” Graham said. “People tend to toss a cat outside inside of bringing it to a shelter.”

Every cat that comes to the shelter for adoption has been spayed or neutered, microchipped and has had all its shots.

With 180 cats currently housed at the shelter, and more coming in every day, the shelter is bursting at the seams with cats that need families.

“We’ve got two or three cats for every dog,” Graham said.

Every month the shelter brings in nearly 600 dogs and cats, and then they have to find homes for them.

“It seems like we run specials to get everyone moved out and then we’re filled the next day with more cats and more dogs,” she said. “We are trying to shorten our length of stay.”

Dogs often stay for about two weeks, but cats are often homeless and living at the shelter for closer to three weeks, longer if they’re a stray.

There are shy cats, and friendly cats, large ones and kittens, cats with FIV+, and one with a snaggle tooth.

There are tortoiseshell cats, Siamese cats, tabby cats, black cats, tiger cats, long-haireds, short-haireds and everything in between.

“We’ve got every type of cat you can imagine,” Graham said.

There will be a special cat-themed event, “Everything Cats,” from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. June 29. During the event, the Red Barn Resale Shop will have 50 percent off everything, there will be coloring contests, a scavenger hunt, games, face painting, more adoption specials, a photo booth and more. Here Kitty Kitty Rescue will also be at the educational event, as well as CatSnip, to explain more about what they do for the cats of Elkhart County.

Regular adoption fees for cats at the shelter are $80, but for the entire month of June, the adoption fee is just $10, but senior cats (those seven years or older) have adoption fees waived.

The Elkhart County Humane Society is at 54687 C.R. 19, Bristol.

For more information, visit

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