Humane Society benefits from Ruthmere contest

Rob LaRoy, executive director of the Humane Society of Elkhart County recieves a check for $1,000 from museum curator Bill Firstenberger after 820 Antiques wins the Ruthmere’s Christmas By Design competition. Shown are two of the designers from 820 Antiques, Sally Billings and Becky Stanley.

ELKHART — The Ruthmere Museum and 820 Antiques presented a check to the Humane Society for $1,000 on Monday following the results of the Christmas By Design contest hosted by the museum.

“I’m thoroughly convinced that the reason (they) won is because (they) were the only designer that connected their design to the charity and that made all the difference,” museum director Bill Firstenberger said.

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No where in this article does it state Ruthmere Museum was selling their art. It was a competition with donated articles and the prize money went to the Humane Shelter!


Short-term memory a bit jagged there fuego.


So raindrop! Unlike you I research my info before posting. No art nor articles were sold. Different groups entered this contest and they had their intended charities. The winner was awarded $1000. 820 Antiques chose the Humane Shelter. It's that simple. Nothing for sale! Nothing sold!


This is generous and all but, It's sad they can't run the place on the >$250,000 endowment without selling their art. Kinda defeats the point of a MusEUm.

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