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ELKHART — A crash late Thursday resulted in serious injuries to three drivers near Osceola.

A report by the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department indicates that Esperanza Arias, 21, of Elkhart, was heading east on Old U.S. 33 near C.R. 1 in her 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe when she crossed the yellow center line and collided with the front of a 2008 GMC Envoy driven by Kevin Piercy, 56, of Osceola.

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Joe King

There sure has been a lot of accidents and fatalities on that road lately....I wonder if a center turn lane may help in preventing them?


Yep Joe! I remember quite vividly my dad describing the terrible accidents out there when it was a designated Federal highway. He drove it twice a work day from 1940 to 1963! Guess what! It was 3 lanes then! Now it's a state road and 2 lane. So I accessed a website to give info on the most dangerous roads in our area. Nope! No SR933! If you read the article it quite clearly stated that the last accident was caused by poor driving ability. And the last fatality I could find was in 2015. Once again Joe, caused by a driver in a hurry passing a turning car. The passing vehicle ran off the road into gravel, returned to the road and hit another vehicle head on. You see Joe states and counties and municipalities can spend millions and not protect people from themselves. Just like Cassopolis street. Center lane all the way . "Safe " islands and million dollar sidewalks, that no one uses. Especially in the winter. The sidewalks disappear! Crosswalks and safe islands. People cross the street where they want! I responded to at least 3 fatal accidents on Cass. 2 were car/pedestrian, one a drunk driver hit a car head on. He was in the 3rd lane crossed over killed a young man.

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