INDIANAPOLIS — A prominent supporter of Indiana’s attorney general is arguing that a proposed suspension of his law license over allegations of drunkenly groping four women is excessive and that even the proposed punishment wouldn’t force him from office.

It remained unclear Monday whether Republican Attorney General Curtis Hill could remain as the state government’s top lawyer if the Indiana Supreme Court agreed with a hearing officer’s recommendation released Friday that his law license be suspended for at least 60 days.

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Well Joe, certainly a far right or far left person can commit any kind of act, would not argue that. This is not about President Trump who I am still waiting to see hauled off in chains as you promised. This is about one individual judging another based on her interpretation of he said, she said information.

Hope you enjoy another 4 years of Mr Trump Joe.


I’d want to know the details of the investigation. Were there any witnesses to the accusations. Most bars have a cctv system in operation during their hours of being open. Did the cctv record anything? Did the accusers have a polygraph or VSA exam? Who did the investigation? Is this person a trained investigator?


There was an investigation, all hearsay and no charges were filed and believe me, if there was any evidence of a crime charges would have been filed.


If Curtis Hill denies it and the three girls say it's it so?? Innocent until proven quilty does not seem to be part of our legal system anymore. So do we go back to drowning a person first to see if they are in fact a witch?

Joe King

How many woman would it take to convince you? 4? 5? I’m sure most men’s hand accidentally slip down the back of woman’s dresses all the time...beyond a reasonable doubt is a real thing....


Innocent until proven guilty by a jury of your peers. There was no crime, hence no trial so why does the liberal feminist judge get to decide his future. That would be like you deciding the future of President Trump. This is a political hit job perpetrated by both Dems and Republicans and is wrong. Again let the voters decide.


Either charge the person with a crime! Go to trial! Or shut up! I am not exactly a C Hill fan! But he has the same rights as anyone. He has the right to face his accusers. And Joe still operating with Trump derangement syndrome! What an Anthony Wiener! lol!!!


So true, he should not be judged by a liberal female former member of the Indiana Supreme Court. The disappointing thing is he gets no support from other elected Republican officials. He is not part of their circle and they are afraid he will become the Governor one day. Let the voters decide his fate.

Joe King

“...Should not Judged by a liberal female...”. Because we all know the conservatives, far right and GOP can’t do what he is accused off? Or a woman should not be able to judge because she is biased? For what? Being a woman....what did trump say...he likes to grab woman by their #$&**%? On tape? Yeah...that old school thinking of woman is dead...get with the current times...

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