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In this file photo, members of the Class of 2020 become the last Crimson Chargers to graduate from Elkhart Memorial. The school is now called Elkhart High School West.

ELKHART — With graduation just weeks away for local high schools, education leaders share a goal of returning commencement ceremonies as close as possible to a more traditional approach.

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many school districts to significantly modify their graduation plans by delaying the commencement ceremonies until later in the summer and then divide the Class of 2020 into multiple groups to account for limits on stadium capacity.

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Quite a difference in the way Northridge and the Elkhart Schools are handling the graduations. For many of the students this is the end of their school experience and they get to receive their diploma in front of some of their family with a mask on. How sad.Elkhart schools should be ashamed and they will lose another bunch of students next year because of treatment of students. The union gets their way and public gets their say and most are saying they want out of this system. Very, very sad.


A ridiculous statement at best. First big difference is school enrollments. The new EHS is about 2.5 times larger than the Northridge High School. Northridge in the past had their graduations in the school gym at the Middle School. Seating capacity 2500! EHS again has 3400 students. Multiply that by 4 guests...13600 seat for Elkhart. I believe it was just recently that graduation was moved outside if possible at Northridge. With their NEW athletic complex , it's a proud moment to show off the facility. But it is much more comfortable outside, sans rain, than the oven that was the previous graduation site. Masks? I thought old Joe said no masks outside. Gosh I can't keep up. Middlebury teachers are unionized just like Elkhart's teachers. Those Middlebury teachers got paid for more than a year sitting on their duffs infront of a computer. Just like all the rest of the teachers. No contact with students. Non teacher employees all got paid just as if there was regular school! My big question is.... with the Elkhart consolidation why are we still operating 2 high school? Riddle me that BATMAN!

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