ELKHART — Heart City Dental Center officially marked its move to a newly constructed building on Monday afternoon.

Adding a second dentist to increase the number of patients it can serve, Heart City Dental Center’s new location is 2100 Superior St.

“This facility is a direct response for the need to expand dental services in Elkhart County,” Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese said during the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday afternoon. “We don’t want to ignore anyone regardless of where they live or their background or what they do for a living.”

The new facility, which is a part of the Heart City Health Center, opened on July 22, with the capability of serving nearly 3,500 individuals compared to the former location’s 2,500. With 11 new operatories and new technology, the Heart City leaders hope to greatly improve the procedures they can perform for their patients.

“The dentist before didn’t do a lot, because they were limited in the services they provided,” said dentist Mark Green.

Dr. Mark Green and Dr. Tia Jeffers offer a combined 53 years of experience to the new facility, as well as new services including root canals and partial dentures. They also now have nitrous oxide for procedures.

Currently, the facility houses six dental seats, although five more are on the way.

“What’s really cool about our laboratories is that we have monitors where patients can see the films we’re describing, like if they come in with a toothache or something,” said Jeffers.

The project is three years in the making. Because not enough donors contributed, Heart City Health Center had to foot the majority of the cost for the over $1 million expansion.

The prior location is under construction and is being renovated for use as a new behavioral health wing, organizers said. 

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Yes and she threw Curtis Hill under the bus for some false claims by a few Democrat state workers. She had already lost my support and that of many others. I wish she would be challenged by an actual conservative before she loses the seat to a liberal from South Bend.


End of Summer Update

with special guest


in support of


Elkhart City Council at Large

PerBacca Restaurant

28046 County Road 16

Elkhart, Indiana 46516


5:00 - 6:30 pm

Cocktails/Hors d' oeuvres

Paid for by the committee to re-elect.

Mary Olson

Walorski is doing a payback event for Lying Mary Olson. Maybe Lying Mary is afraid of loosing her healthcare , Now that she is up for re-election. Interesting


When will Walorski learn?

First it was a false healthcare ad with lying Mary Olson,fearful of loosing her taxpayer funded healthcare, Medicare and Elkhart City health insurance.

Now she's doing photo ops with Chicago Politic's democratics. Mr Dawson is an adulterer, has been investigated for grant fraud, Genesis grants, and is a hate monger. Good job , Jackie

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