GOSHEN — The students of Goshen High School’s Class of 2019 spent their final moments in the building where much of their education has taken place celebrating their graduation on Sunday afternoon.

“We are all here today to move into our future and leave behind this building and the wonderful community that has been our home for the last four years,” speaker Jonathon Snyder said. “In the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles that surround us locally, nationally and globally, it can be hard to have hope for the future, but as I stand here today I do so with hope and an absolute certainty because I know that the students here today are the future of this world. The future is in good hands.”

Of the 437 students who received their diploma during the afternoon ceremony, 42 graduated cum laude, 31 graduated magna cum laude and 35 graduated summa cum laude.

Twenty GHS students also received the International Baccalaureate and many also received a Technical Honors Diploma, Academic Honors Diploma or Work Ethic Certificate.

Pauline Uribe, mother of Annalissa Jasmine Calderon, who passed away in an automobile accident on Feb. 19, walked in the ceremony in place of her daughter.

Seniors Danelle Horn and April Pollock followed the senior processional with the national anthem, and Daniela Troya Castro gave the invocation.

City Council Youth Adviser Felix Perez Diener gave the welcome before Margaret Gallagher, summa cum laude, introduced GHS Superintendent Diane Woodworth.

“I wish the best of luck to each of you,” Diener said to the graduates.

Program speakers were from the summa cum laude graduates – Julia Gidden, Aameneh Kermani, Jocelyn Walters, Benjamin Bontrager-Singer, Demetrius Gulewicz and Jonathon Snyder.

GHS Principal Barry Younghans was introduced by summa cum laude Kayleigh McKee.

President of the Goshen Community Schools board of trustees, Bradd Weddell, and Vice President Keith Goodman awarded diplomas to the graduating students.

The graduate register was performed by EL/Mentor Teacher Jennifer Eberly, GHS vice principals Dan Butler, Jim Pickard, Cahy DeMeyer, Brian Bechtel; and Merit Learning Center Principal Kim Gallagher.

Benediction was offered by summa cum laude Jason Zuniga.

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