Goshen schools closed for Red for Ed event

Goshen Community Schools educators gather at the middle school for a Goshen First Friday event.

GOSHEN — Goshen Community Schools is the latest school district in Elkhart County to join a growing list of districts statewide that will close Nov. 19 so that teachers can participate in the Red for Ed Action Day in Indianapolis.

In a news release issued Friday, the school corporation said the number of staff members planning to attend the Call to Action Day is high enough that the district is unable to procure sufficient substitute teachers for the day in order to have “a safe and productive day of instruction.”

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Yes, what an education they are getting! Learning how to shirk their job and walk out. If the kids did that at school they would get into trouble. I'm sorry they don't make enough money. I don't make enough money either. That is the way it is. There is more than money in a job. Satisfaction of doing your best for one. Teach that.


So my property taxes just went up 40% so these bozos can take a day off? Not teaching kids like their job is to do? After getting a raise I voted against? I hope they at very least get docked a day's pay! There is no way the citizens of Goshen should tolerate this!


What the citizens of Goshen should NOT tolerate is giving their children a second rate Education because they do not have the best Teachers possible....can you put a price on a life-changing Educational experience?


This is a valuable lesson to the kids: If workers aren't paid enough they don't have to take it. As I understand it, most of the teachers taking part are utilizing the personal days their contracts offer.

Yeah, they have contracts. Why? Without a contract every teacher could up and quit their jobs with no warning. Think a strike is bad, imagine having to restaff an entire school district.

Sorry you can't afford your tax hike. Guess you'll have to sell your home an move. Bye bye.


They could make a little more money quitting the teachers union. Doesn’t sound the union is doing them any good but the top union guys make a fortune.

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