GOSHEN — Goshen Community Schools will provide students with after-school care and tutoring to help combat learning loss from the COVID-19 pandemic after recently being awarded a $756,216 state grant.

The district partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Goshen and KidsCare to apply for the state’s Student Learning Recovery Grant, which aims to support students who have experienced learning loss and fallen behind during the pandemic.

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I guess old Rev missed one important sentence in this article. The one that says the grant is to aid students that fell behind because of Covid 19 ! The simple facts are that for various reasons , most students tend to forget a large amount of learned info from the previous year of education. That's why a substantial amount of time is spent in the the new school year , going over the previous year! The monies are earmarked as STUDENT LEARNING RECOVERY GRANT! NOT scholarships or award monies! Just plain help for students that fell behind because of Covid 19!

Revolution 1776

The money should go to fund scholarships & entrepreneurial grants for Juniors & seniors whom are excelling in studies , with a bonus for those whom choose to stay in Indiana


So Rev 1776 contends that it is OK to leave the majority of students behind an academic year and only use this taxpayer money to award those students who were already excelling. Great compelling thoughts?


What better way to help finance a class system! Eh Rev 1776? Don't give those slow learners a chance. They don't deserve any help! I remember a veteran teacher @ Bristol elementary telling us that our son would never do much better than maybe a C student! Well that slug of an educator missed big time. That student went on to serve his country, then go on to college. got a college degree and pulls down a hefty salary, has a nice home and great family. So Rev 1776 class warfare is just wrong.

Revolution 1776

Did that person stay in Indiana ?

How about the money be split 50/50

Or.are we just a handout society now ?

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