Goshen residents warn of fear, negative perception of law enforcement because of detainer policy

Goshen resident Richard Aguirre, left, addresses Sheriff Jeff Siegel and the Elkhart County Council about a new policy that sets a longer immigration hold period at the county jail.

GOSHEN — Middle school teacher Naomi Zook sees a change come over her students whenever immigration concerns are in the news.

The Goshen reading instructor was one of three people who spoke out Saturday against a new policy for holding immigrants in the Elkhart County Jail for up to 72 hours on a federal detainer. They told the Elkhart County Council that it’s unnecessary, opens the county to potential liability and would only sour perceptions of law enforcement in the community.

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Joe King

I bet the below comments are all Trump supporters too.....scared and fearful...And cue the hateful and bigoted comments in 3...2...1....go!


The above four comments are spot on. Why do I not hear of programs to help those that snuck in to pay a fine and become legal citizens? All I hear is, "shhhh, we don't want to upset them. It may hamper their lifestyle." I have worked with several people who have legally joined our country and it made them feel great! A crime is a crime is a crime. Doesn't matter if you littered, robbed a bank, killed someone, or are here illegally. Why does our government not do something to help? Instead, so many of them seem to be wasting tax dollars and lining their own pockets.


Oliver! You can't buy citizenship. It's a process. You must go through this process at all steps THEN you are allowed to test. If you pass the test you become a naturalized citizen!


I didn't say they could buy it, only pay a fine to help offset the cost of them being here. Seems like that would be the least that could be done. No handout. I know quite well how the immigration system works thank you very much.

Revolution 1776

Which holds more weight with the sheriff .

Mr Aguirre's plea or the CR 18 incident.?

Revolution 1776

If the children don't respect authority they will get no respect as adults . How leniant is only holding 2 at a time. Should be tougher


Maybe Mr Aguirre and friends need to school the "latino" population on the actual immigration laws. If you are here legally, you have nothing to fear. If you don't break the laws of this country, this state, this county or city, you have no fear. Police departments have no time to go door to door and arrest. I was actually arrested and booked 1 time in my life. Illegal possession of fireworks! Why? Because I threw a cherry bomb out of a car. Where? On Franklin st.. in front of the old PD. Whose fault? Not EPD! Dumb me! Your chances of a bad experience with police, almost nil! Do not break the law! Do not pass GO! And do not collect $200!


Some teacher. Why isn't she sharing the information with her students that if people are here legally - I repeat, Legally - then they have nothing to worry about. If they did not enter the United States through legal paperwork, they are already breaking our laws and should be treated as criminals. I totally commend the Sheriff's Department for cooperating with ICE. I'd rather my taxes were contributing the the expenses of keeping the illegals in jail and awaiting pickup as opposed to my taxes paying for their housing, food, medical, clothing and schooling for the children. Granted, this is the Land of the Free ... but you can't expect everything to be handed to you for free.


As usual, the article left off one important word: ILLEGAL. It should read "...A new policy for holding illegal immigrants..."


It seems that our left wing school educators are disturbed that people who have violated our laws may be feeling insecure. If you come here illegally, thus violating the law, you are a criminal and should feel insecure. Instead of painting our law enforcement officers as evil doers, maybe they should teach their students how law enforcement protects the citizens of our country from criminals who take advantage of them. Why would you complain about one law enforcement agency helping another (unless they are violating the Constitution), which they are not. The sheriff’s department is doing what it should do and the county officials should back them up instead of crawling under their desks every time they get complaints from activists who are trying to erode our country’s laws.

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