GOSHEN — The Goshen Board of Works renewed agreements to provide city funding to seven organizations Monday.

The board voted to provide Economic Development Income Tax money to seven outside organizations that provide services to the city. The amount of funding remains unchanged in the agreements except for an increase of about $50 for the St. Joseph River Basin Commission, according to Mayor Jeremy Stutsman.

Funding agreements include:

n The Boys and Girls Club, which receives $3,000 from the city. The agreement notes that the Goshen Parks and Recreation Department has contracted with the club since 1994 to run summer athletic programs.

n The Goshen Chamber of Commerce, which receives $50,000 from the city. Under the agreement, the chamber will continue to provide information about Goshen to prospective new businesses and promote economic development.

n Downtown Goshen Inc., which receives $70,000 in EDIT funds. The organization will “aggressively pursue its mission of economic development, design, promotion and organization in the central business district,” according to the agreement.

n The Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County, which receives $40,000. Under the agreement, the EDC will provide Goshen the same services it does to other towns and cities in the county, which include economic development initiatives that the city can’t do on its own without an economic development department.

n The Center for Business Excellence, which receives $10,000. The center will also provide the city economic development support similar to what it does for other municipalities.

n Goshen Theater, which receives $50,000 from Goshen. The organization is a vital part of keeping the downtown thriving, the agreement states, and will continue to promote the theater, the downtown area and the city.

n The St. Joseph River Basin Commission, which receives $2,603 from the city under the new agreement. The commission helps protect water quality and its work affects the city’s water and wastewater utilities.

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