Goshen police thank woman for help in arrest

Michelle Kidder

GOSHEN — A Goshen woman was recognized by police for helping officers arrest a combative man in July.

Michelle Kidder received a Citizen Citation during the Board of Works meeting Monday.

Division Chief Bill Hubbard said she performed “extraordinary assistance” to police when she helped officers who were trying to arrest a combative, intoxicated individual on July 21.

She acted without concern for her own safety and her assistance prevented further injury to the officers, according to Hubbard. They were able to subdue and handcuff the man.

Kidder received a certificate at the outset of the meeting, joined by the two officers involved, Austin Everage and Jared Ellison.

The police report of the incident shows that police responded to the area of Washington and 9th streets about 4 a.m. for a report of a man on the railroad tracks. They found 25-year-old Cort Cline, of Goshen, who resisted attempts to arrest him.

Cline sustained minor scrapes to the face during the incident, while Everage and Ellison sustained minor injuries to their arms and legs. Kidder sustained minor scrapes to her leg, according to the report.

Cline was charged with three counts of resisting law enforcement as a Level 6 felony.

Buggy trail

Also Monday, the board approved an agreement to finish a back road that helps horse and buggies reach shopping areas south of Goshen while staying off the highway. The $47,026 agreement will have Kibby Excavating finish the buggy trail by bringing it into the parking lot of the Walmart Supercenter at 2304 Lincolnway East.

The path is a straight shot that connects the parking lot to Eisenhower Drive to the north. The Amish community has helped with the project financially and looks forward to the road being finished, according to Leslie Biek, civil traffic engineer.

Kibby’s work will include placing a pipe on the bottom of Walmart’s retention pond and filling the area in with suitable soils, as well as restoring the area and grading the top. The city street department will lay the asphalt, which Biek said should be done by leaf season.

The board also:

n Awarded a contract to Temco Machinery Inc. for the purchase of a new Pierce Enforcer pumper truck for the fire department for $534,100. They did so after reversing a decision they made June 10 to contract with Stutphen Corp., after hearing that the Ohio company couldn’t deliver the vehicle within two to three months of the 300 days the city specified and that they don’t offer frontal impact airbags for occupant crash protection.

n Voted to change a yield sign to a stop sign near the entrance to the Spring Brooke subdivision. Spring Brooke Drive circles the neighborhood and crosses itself near the entrance off College Avenue, with a yield sign currently stands on the west side of the intersection.

Biek said the change was requested by the neighborhood and approved by the city traffic commission. The neighborhood had also asked for a striped crosswalk, but the board chose not to include that after hearing that the city doesn’t typically paint crosswalks outside of safe routes to school.

n Voted to add stop signs to the intersection of Colonial Manor Drive and William Drive, making it a four-way stop. There are currently stop signs only on William Drive, but the addition was requested by a resident and approved by the traffic commission.

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