Goshen picks name, mascot for school

Architectural rendering of Goshen Intermediate School. The new 5/6 grade school building, currently under construction, is expected to be completed by July 2021.

GOSHEN — Goshen Intermediate School RedHawks.

That’s the official name and mascot of Goshen Community Schools’ new 5-6 grade school building.

The measure was unanimously approved by the school board during Monday’s meeting.

“Since this school will now be the school where all of Goshen Community Schools students come together to form one school, it makes sense that the mascot would be the RedHawks,” Superintendent Diane Woodworth said in a memorandum to the board. “This offers unity and continuity with Goshen Middle School and Goshen High School.”

Currently under construction, the new school is part of the corporation’s $65 million referendum project that district voters approved during the 2018 primary election.

According to district handouts, the corporation’s new intermediate school building is anticipated to be about 190,000 square feet, with some portions having two stories. The project is budgeted at $44.9 million.

Woodworth said the new intermediate school will help alleviate overcrowding issues at eight of the corporation’s school buildings.

The corporation’s seven elementary schools will be reconfigured from K-5 to K-4 and the middle school will move from 6-8 to 7-8.

“We have the third or fourth largest middle school in the state, so to take the sixth-graders out of that school and the fifth-graders out of our seven elementary schools and put them all in one school really helps relieve the crowding in the middle and elementary schools,” she said. “Also, a 5-6 school means that there’s 11- and 12-year-olds together in one building and developmentally, 11- and 12-year-olds are a lot alike, so it’s great to think of having them together in one building.”

Construction of Goshen Intermediate School is expected to be complete by July 2021.

The new school will be located near the intersection of Greene Road and Plymouth Avenue.

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