GOSHEN — A Goshen man who was arrested for allegedly trying to grab an officer’s gun told police he wanted to kill himself.

Vincent Knight, 37, was arrested Friday and charged with trying to disarm an officer, a Level 5 felony. He was booked in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility on $5,000 bond.

His initial court hearing was set for May 10. A Level 5 felony carries a punishment of up to six years in prison.

According to court documents:

Officers with the Goshen Police Department and Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office were serving a search warrant at a C.R. 13 residence around 8 p.m. The warrant was for computer and electronic equipment in the residence, in connection with a Jan. 4 report of a Goshen juvenile who was receiving harassing texts and calls from several people.

A sheriff’s deputy was assisting Goshen police with finding, photographing and gathering evidence, while Knight was handcuffed and sitting in a chair in the living room. The deputy was searching a filing cabinet when he heard a loud noise and could feel his duty belt being pulled.

He looked to see Knight with his hand on the grip of his handgun, trying to pull it from its holster. The deputy rotated his waist to pull away and was able to break Knight’s grasp on the gun.

Other officers arrived to pull Knight back to his chair as the deputy pushed him away. Knight was then taken outside to be escorted to jail.

While outside, he allegedly told officers that he wanted to shoot himself, not them. He was taken to Goshen Hospital before being transported to jail.

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