GOSHEN — A Goshen man is accused of breaking a man’s ribs and puncturing his lung in a fight.

David Wiseman, 31, was charged with aggravated battery, a Level 3 felony, following a report of a fight Saturday in Rogers Park. He was arrested Tuesday and booked in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility on $150,000 bond.

His initial court hearing was set for July 19.

A Level 3 felony carries a punishment of up to 16 years in prison.

According to court documents:

Goshen police responded to the park about 11:30 a.m. Sunday and spoke with the victim, whose face and body were covered in blood. He said he was hanging out with Wiseman and a few other people the night before, drinking.

He said Wiseman was pretty intoxicated and began hitting someone until another man intervened. Wiseman and the other man ended up on the ground as they fought.

The victim who made the report said he tried to pull Wiseman off, and Wiseman turned on him. He said Wiseman knocked him down and repeatedly hit and kicked him.

He was taken to Goshen Hospital where he was treated for five broken ribs and a lung which was punctured and collapsed. He had to undergo surgury to try to repair his lung.

Officers found Wiseman, who had a black eye, about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday. He claimed that the other men beat him up and that the victim who spoke with police had knocked him down, hit and kicked him, but otherwise refused to speak with police.

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