Goshen looks at more shelters for trolley stops

Pictured is the northbound red line Interurban trolley stop in front of Martin’s in north Goshen.

GOSHEN — An Interurban Trolley stop in front of a Goshen supermarket may get a shelter installed this year, but city officials aren’t sure about other locations that still have only a sign to mark them.

The Red Line stop on U.S. 33 at Bashor Road currently has a shelter on the west side but only a sign on the east side, leaving riders to stand in the sun and rain as they wait. The city may install a shelter there this fall, according to city Civil Traffic Engineer Leslie Biek.

Goshen Redevelopment Commission members asked Tuesday about seeing if the agency that operates the trolley would install something at that stop and at a few others further north. The five-line transportation system is administered by the Michiana Area Council of Governments.

“Is there any merit to petitioning MACOG or somebody to consider, at the very least, benches, (or) at the highest preference, some sort of shelter?” commission member Vince Turner asked. “We want to encourage people to use that.”

Public Works Director Dustin Sailor said the city has been working with MACOG to have a shelter installed at the Bashor Road stop. He explained that the agency would provide the shelter itself and the city would have to pour the concrete base and install the structure.

City Councilman Adam Scharf, who attended the meeting, came forward to point out that the signs that mark all the trolley stops are one-sided, and that all the information on them faces the street instead of the sidewalk.

“It makes sense if you’re signing for cars, but trolley stops are not for cars, they’re for people who are not in cars explicitly,” he said. “You can’t see them from 50 percent of the places you need to be able to see them.”

He said he didn’t think it would be a big expense to fix the situation, while the usability improvement would make a big difference for people who might not be familiar with where the stops are.

Biek said after the meeting that they know a shelter is available for the city to install at Bashor Road, but they would have to find out if there are others to install at the Peddlers Village Road stop and at C.R. 26. If shelters are available, she said it’s possible that all three could be installed at the same time.

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