GOSHEN — The Goshen Board of Works opened five bids for concrete street work Monday, all valued at more than $500,000.

The 2020 program will focus on roads in town paved with concrete rather than asphalt, including College Green and Pickwick, said Public Works Director Dustin Sailor. He indicated that the city doesn’t focus on the alternative paving material quite as often.

“For years we’ve focused on asphalt pavement streets,” he said. “It takes a different type of construction crew to work on concrete roads, so we put one main package together for concrete roads for next year.”

The board opened quotes from:

n Selge Construction Co., for $586,056

n Walsh and Kelly Inc., for $689,580

n La Porte Construction Co., for $754,125

n Premium Concrete Services, for $776,410

n Rieth-Riley Construction Co., for $945,000

The bids will be reviewed and a recommendation will be made at a later meeting.

Water loop

Also Monday, the board approved two measures related to a water loop project at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds.

A new 12-inch water main is being brought across Monroe Street from Hillcrest Drive to the fairgrounds, which started Monday. The board approved a road closure on Monroe Street until Nov. 8.

Sailor said traffic will be detoured onto Blackport Drive, Lincoln Avenue and C.R. 29. He said they’re starting with Hillcrest Drive so they have access to material to repave the road before asphalt plants shut down for the winter. 

He noted that the area is already served by water but the expansion will enable new improvements at the fairgrounds.

“They are planning for their future improvements out at the Elkhart County Fair,” he said. “And then to provide better flow and connectivity, the city is participating and providing just a 98-foot connection into Hillcrest Drive, and it helps both the city and the 4-H Fair with better water circulation.”

The board also approved an agreement with the 4-H Fair that lets the work start as soon as possible, with the expectation that a more detailed agreement will be hammered out later.

The agreement allows Goshen to extend its water lines eastward outside city limits, and says the city will reimburse the fair for the Hillcrest Drive portion of the project. That amount is $32,200, said Shannon Marks, city legal compliance administrator.

She said the fair would like the ability to be reimbursed for anyone who connects to the water main installed along Monroe Street in the next 10 years. That would be included in the future agreement.

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