Goshen outlines $305,000 in spending from Community Development Block Grants

Main Street businesses in Goshen are seen on south Main Street looking north from Washington Street in this 2014 file photo.Elkhart Truth file photo

GOSHEN — Latino community leaders have been pushing the city of Goshen for months to issue ID cards to undocumented immigrants, according to one member of a city advisory group.

That wish is now on Goshen Mayor Jeremy Stutsman's agenda and could go before the Goshen City Council this year.

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Johnnie Lynne

As of Feb 2016, there were 13 states and several cities that issues either a drivers license or an id to illegals.
The logic behind the drivers licenses's is they are already driving illegally, if they had a state issued id, they could actually get the cars legally on the road with proper plates and insurance.
I agree that the cars need to be legal, proper insurance is important here because of the rise in cost of insurance and the cost of medical expenses from accidents of uninsured motorists,to the rest of us. However, I don't believe in illegal entry into our country-(for the sake of terrorist entering and disappearing-like I am sure they already have, it's been made VERY easy for them to do so!).

We must remember that Mexico IS NOT THE ONLY PLACE illegal immigrants come from, it's just been the easiest point of entry!
The ONLY way for them to become legal is to start where they are. 11 million people is really A LOT of people to "try" to deport. The sheer manpower it would take from agents to jails, court systems, housing, bussing, airports to deport...we're talking a HUGE scale and TONS of money.
SO,do we have the military or police force go door to door (EVERY) in America, in search of everyones documents?
If they have family memebers here legally, could they be connected to that family and be brought in under their sponsorship?
How do we do background checks on them if we don't even know who they are because they are already using false documents (or several of them) to be here in the first place by a sponsor family....
I don't know how it works to get a passport, but maybe they could use the passport system? It's documentation, but not legalization...But everyone gets an iris and palm print scan attached to that passport...no exceptions...could that work?

It's hard to say and the sad thing is, no matter WHO you are, saying or asking anything, you're considered a racist. But when WE, as a country. are being forced to pay for the ENTIRE cost of the CRIME of illegals, and being forced fed the idea that we should just be OK with it. Much of the cost of illegal activity is:
drug sales, cartel/gang activity, ss/id fraud, welfare fraud, insurance rates increases, medical cost increases, incarceration costs, deportation costs, transitional housing (FEMA camps) and the list can go on and on....
Yes, someone has to pay for that. And every person that is here legally, they too, pay for that as well as the hosting country!
I refuse to ALLOW a "Instant legalization of all illegals" just because you are here. Can't do it.
Not everyone here illegally is a bad person, I know this, but being here illegally IS a crime and if you were here legally, your life would be so much easier-not living in fear every day while thinking you're "free".

common sense

You're right, 11 million or whatever it is, is a lot of people. So start by securing the border so that the number does not continue to rise. Then continue by dealing with those who are illegal and have committed any type of violent crime, they go first. Next , if they have committed other crimes such as tax fraud, Identity theft, etc. they go next. You are then left with a much smaller number of people who are here illegally, but have not committed other crimes. that group could then be dealt with under a program to allow them to apply for citizenship. But we must stop the number coming in first and deport the criminals before dealing with those who may be deserving of a chance at citizenship.

Johnnie Lynne

I agree, secure the border. I have read several stories of one individual being deported NUMEROUS times. Obviously (eye roll) it's not working the way it was intended to be worked!
There is SO MUCH more to this scale, it's going to take YEARS to get done.

Identity theft victim

Johnny you have summed this up in a well thought out way. You hit the right points on this issue both good and bad. It's not necessary for us to be categorized in terms such as racist. We are simply Americans should have the right to protect our borders as stringently as Mexico protects their southern border. Thank you for your post


When they apply... ARREST THEM! If you are here illegally, leave until you can do things legally. Us the system to gain your citizenship, don't expect the system to conform to suit your needs and bypass the legality of an immigration process that hundreds of millions of people have used for hundreds of years (As early as 1790 in it's rough form) Why is so hard to understand that ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL. Why are our hard working LEGAL American citizens, defending a large group of people that feel that by breaking FEDERAL LAW they deserve the things that we all work so hard to achieve? Most of you work, pay bills, pay your internet or phone bill that allows you to read this posting. You my fellow Americans are going to be paying their electric bills, you will be buying their food, you will be paying for their healthcare. ALL OF THE THINGS that you pay out the rear for to provide the same for your families. Do you truly feel that your taxes, your hard earned money should pay for a criminal to live??? Done with my rant but I don't understand why you think this is ok


I was in the license branch , 3 Mexicans in front of me trying to get a DL using a deceased person from California social security #, I asked her how come she didn't call the police and she said because " they aren't allowed to"..


Elkhart is a SANCTUARY city


The Latino leaders are "Pushing" the city. If the undocumented can push for undocumented ID's, they can push for legal citizenship.


Here we go again liberals editing what the people have to say I guess the truth hurts! This time Stutzmans stupid liberal ways will backfire and the undocumented will be documented under whatever name they want and make it that much easier to find the law breakers. For all we know Sadam Husseins brother could get an I.d. And establish a residence in Goshen. What a shame that Stutzman is destroying this once great city.

Joe King

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

There must be a path forward to citizenship.


The path to citizenship starts by coming here legally, period. Is that so hard to understand.


And so your proposal for what to do with the 11 million or so undocumented folks currently in the U.S. Is what exactly?


Why? The people that came in via Ellis Island - where those words are posted - were LEGAL immigrants. Why should we cheapen their integrity and their sacrifices to make it easy for people who began their time here by breaking the law a free ticket in?

Just saying

I second that!Well said!

are you for real

It starts by coming here legally, if not to bad go back home.

common sense

Joe, the two sides here are those of us who want people to obey the law and immigrate to this country through legal means and subject to the numbers that are approved. On the other side is yourself and others who want open borders and unfettered immigration. The funny thing is, the countries like Mexico who want us to allow their citizens free passage into our sovereign country do not allow others to enter theirs freely. They enforce their laws but don't want us to enforce ours. Kind of an unlevel playing field don't you think?


There already is a path forward....it's called going through proper channels and not sneaking over the border.


Deport them. Show me that verse in a law btw.

Just saying

I cannot believe I just read about how hard it is for undocumented to get things like utilities turned on with no identification.You dont have a right to utilities or anything for that matter if you are illegal.


This is what they have come to expect under the law breaking obama. Those days are OVER!

Joe King

what a cold, uncaring person you must be. Rights for Utilities? What's next, right to breath American air, Drink American Water? Sad.


Why is it cold and uncaring to expect people to obey the law if they are going to live here? As far as utilities, I never had to show an ID to hookup mine - just pay a deposit. You can get a Indiana photo ID - free - at any license branch with three alternate forms of ID. These are INTENDED for illegals. It says so right at the beginning: "Latino community leaders have been pushing the city of Goshen for months to issue ID cards to undocumented immigrants, according to one member of a city advisory group."


Does an illegal have rights to anything in America? The answer is simple..NO!

Just saying

Not cold.Not uncaring.Law abiding.

common sense

If a third party issues the ID's, then they would be worthless for anything requiring a government-issued ID. On the other hand, if the city issues them this would go a long way to proving that they are a sanctuary city and the corresponding cut in Federal funds could be done much more easily. Not to mention the database of illegals that would make rounding them up much easier and faster. Sounds like a good program.


Ridiculous, but normal for Goshen. There is no need for more fake ID's.


hopefully trumph will give them a trip back to mexcio first

Average Joe

Which name will they use for the ID, their real name or their stolen SS name? In any event, it will be easier to track them with it. The solution is to man up and initiate citizenship application.

Identity theft victim

You make a good point

are you for real

Yes, after they go back to their own country of origin, then apply.


Good, make it easier for ICE to find them and deport them. Trump is going to deputize 10000 ICE agents, and put a bounty on illegals, I hope.


Really, why are we worried about the "stigma" of ID's being only issued to undocumented (illegal) immigrants. The mere fact that they are here without permission is a stigma in and of itself. I like the idea of the identification cards but this garbage about "self-esteem" being tarnished is just too much!


Government issued ID card, not issued by the government as a means to prevent government record keeping of cardholders. Only a liberal could think of something this convoluted and perverse.

Identity theft victim

Does this mean that Goshen is also a sanctuary city?

are you for real

Yes. hope Trump cuts ALL there funding.

Deuce Luminox

"If they are only obtained by undocumented people, there could be a stigma," he said.

God forbid that anyone here illegally would be subject to a stigma.


If they are undocumented, then they should return home and enter our country the way our laws intended


Of course. Enable them to be citizen imposters.


This whole scheme is pointless. An independent ID card that lacks the force of law is a waste of time & money. The card would not be valid as form of ID outside the city let alone for voting, boarding an airplane, or entering a federal facility.


I thought if you went to your local license branch you could get an ID card that looks similar to a drivers license. If you are in this country illegally you don't need an ID you need to back from where you came.


Instead of ID cards, how about just deporting them back to their own country.


So the undocumented, become documented, so what does it solve. I know of several, that are documented illegally. ( fraud)

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