Goshen Community Schools approves raises

GOSHEN— Goshen Community Schools’ classified, licensed classified and administrative employees will all receive raises next school year.

School board members on Monday approved a 3% increase for classified and licensed classified employees, and a 1.75% pay hike for the corporation’s administrative staff, effective next month.

According to Lori Line, executive director of talent development and management, the raise comes after the board approved the new compensation model for certified teachers as part of the Master Contract.

“It has been the practice in GCS that once the teacher contract has been ratified, we examine the wages and salaries of other employee groups, such as classified, licensed classified and administrative employees,” Line said in a memo to the board.

Such employment groups include paraprofessionals, bus aides, child care assistants, technology resource specialists, and food and nutrition services employees.

Some specific adjustments the school corporation proposed to stay competitive include:

•  Simplifying each pay scale to make it easier to read

•  Moving toward a time clock system and pay per hour for bus drivers

•  Adjusting the probationary period from 90 days to 45 days

•  Accelerating the accrual of vacation days in order to allow the earning of days earlier for year-round classified staff members

Raises were also given to administrators.

“As you recall, all administrative salaries are indexed from this base, which is considered the 1.0 for that scale,” GCS Superintendent Diane Woodworth wrote in a memo to the board. “As a reminder, the average raise for the teaching unit for 19-20 was 3.9%, and the average for the classified group for 2019 that we are recommending is 3%."

As the highest-paid administrator, the increases will bring Woodworth’s base salary to $131,508 next school year.

Below is a partial list of school administrator salaries for the 2019-20 school year:

•  Deputy Superintendent: Steve Hope, $117,042

•  Assistant Superintendent: Alan Metcalfe, $107,274

• Principals: Goshen High School, Barry Younghans, $114,412; Goshen Middle School, Lori Shreiner, $102,576, and Jan Baker, $99,946; Chamberlain Elementary School, Todd Williams, $80,220; Chandler Elementary School, Cheryl Williams, $84,165; Model Elementary School, Tami Hicks, $84,165; Parkside Elementary School, Betts McFarren, $93,371; Prairie View Elementary School, Donna Wiktorowski, $89,425; Waterford Elementary School, Karen Brock, $82,850; and West Goshen Elementary School, Aimee Schade, $80,220; and Merit Learning Center, Kim Gallagher, $89,425.

•  Executive directors: Director of Finance, Kelley Kitchen, $105,206; Director of Curriculum, Tracey Noe, $97,316; Director of Talent Development and Management, Lori Line, $98,631.

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