Goshen buys first electric vehicle

Pictured is the Tesla Model 3 that Goshen Central Garage recently purchased.

GOSHEN — The City of Goshen has bought its first electric vehicle in what officials say is an effort to test alternative fuel cars and their impact on both the budget and the environment.

The City’s Central Garage Department purchased a Tesla Model 3 after doing some research.

The $35,000 model has a range of up to 325 miles per charge, giving it some of the the longest range for its pricing, according to the announcement from the city Wednesday.

Carl Gaines, fleet manager at the Central Garage, said his department expects considerable savings on maintenance costs since electric vehicles do not require change in fluids and the car has minimal moving parts.

The long term plan is for the car to be shared among department heads and staff for driving to meetings within the region. A charging station also will be installed outside of City Hall, 202 S. 5th St., which the public can also access.

“Goshen City Council has set a carbon neutrality date, for Goshen City government, of 2035,” Mayor Jeremy Stutsman said in the announcement. “In an effort to work toward that goal, we will continue to move forward with initiatives like upgrading our fleet to electric or hybrid cars wherever it is feasible. Using the data we collect over the next six months of utilizing the electric car, will help guide how we move forward with fleet changes into the future.”

Stutsman currently drives a 2018 Jeep Cherokee, but calculated that switching to the Tesla for official business would save the city about $1,200 on gas every year. It would also keep about 5.4 metric tons of tailpipe emissions out of the air per year.

The city already has a number of Toyota Prius hybrids, which some staff members use by to commute and drive around town. The Police Department is also in talks with the Central Garage about acquiring hybrid vehicles in the near future, according to the announcement.

Aaron Sawatsky-Kingsley, head of the city’s new Department of Environmental Resilience, said the growing electric and hybrid fleet will serve as an educational tool to help people learn about the various models of alternate fuel vehicles.

“We want residents to know that choosing an electric vehicle can be reasonably budgeted, and that there are benefits to going electric, aside from lowering greenhouse gas emissions,” he said in the announcement. “Being able to see an electric car up close, knowing how it works and how much they cost can help the public make educated choices if they want to purchase an alternative fuel vehicle.”

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Joe! You might want to do a little reading on those Teslas. Why do they erupt into flames on the road! It's called "thermal runaway". They produce excessive temperature and pressure. You know that hoverboard people buy for kids? Same thing. They have started house fire across the country. And that fear thing Joe. Most of my adult life I experienced it. Mostly that I could not save someone and worry whether I did my best to do it! Ever notice how cops hardly ever sit with their backs to the entrance. There IS a Reason!

Joe King


The future is coming fire.....you can't stop it, we are on to your generation. We are tired of you polluting the land, the water....Green Tech is here, and here to stay...


Oh Joe! You a funny guy! Flying cars!!!! Wow! Wait until they start falling out of the sky. On people and buildings! YowZA! But seriously! Check out how those rare earth metals are mined Joe. It's really a HUGE polluter! And WE/US have a lowly amount of the lithium!


Jeremy didn't get his salary raised so we ended up funding his Tesla.


Where are the fact checkers? There is no $35K version, the cheapest is 38,990. This article says the one the city got gets 325 miles (not correct, it would be 310 max) and this would be the long range version, add 9k for that, and the white interior adds another 1k. With those options the purchase price is $48,990. Thank you city of Goshen tax payers! All to save a little maintenance and $2,500 in annual gas?! That'll only take 19.5 years to break even.

Joe King

You clearly don't have all the facts... and are just going to the Tesla website for info.... You don't know what version, what battery pack and what deal they may have gotten. The benefits of electric cars outweigh any gas models.... gas, maintenance, etc. The only drawback I have heard is if it was damaged...who fixes it and how long does it take.. Other than that, very positive reviews...


Joe is correct about facts so I went to various sources! None better than the manufacturer. Would they lie? I doubt it. I also used Edmunds. So Joe tells us there are various levels of Teslas. Correct again! The model 3 coming in @ a base of $35,000. Base! Next step $44,000 and next...well you understand! Buy the way that top line Tesla rings the bell @ $49,900. The version Joe tells the battery pack! Then there are the added dangers for first responders. High voltage, fire, difficulty disconnecting the system! You see Joe accidents cause crumpled cars. Fires... the Tesla company suggests a minimum of 3000 gallons of water. Most fire pumpers carry around 750. So that requires another fire company for a car fire. That second company must lay a hydrant line to the first in company! Also Tesla warns to not turn the vehicle over to second responders, for at least an additional hour. Just in case! Getting involved here Joe? You need insulated tools for extrication. And don't cut that ORANGE cable. And I always wondered what the carbon foot print is for manufacturing those Tesla batteries. Just sayin! I'm sure Elon has all the facts. The dope smoking, whiskey slurping, most (subsidized) man ever has all the answers!


When’s your next rocket launch Fire?

Joe King

How many fire tankers for a Semi pulling a fuel tank? How long does it take to repair a road after it burns? What about replacing a bridge if it burns? What world do you live in of fear and danger? Base is 35k on up after incentives...but you don't know what battery pack was giving do you? You don't know if they got a special deal since they are a municipality? Do you? The benefits of using a car powered on renewable energy far exceeds any gas guzzler.... Sorry, fire, the facts and the rest of the world are against you...try to catch up...you must have been really sore when cars replaced horses....


I know U R an expert Joe on most everything. But I am not. So I go to reputable sources like Edmunds the REAL experts! They point out in English that the Tesla levels are determined by of all things the battery pack. The less cost the lesser battery pack. It's in English. Oh and that tanker fire thingy? Let me tell you comparing tanker fires and car fires is very strange! There just aren't many tankers catching fire Joe! But the are thousands and thousands of public passenger vehicles burning each and every year. Oh a guess what Joe! I have been schooled in hybrid and electric car fires. It's a dangerous thing! For the Tesla... I believe the battery disable is on the firewall, driver side under the hood. Here a fact Joe. Do you know what helps makes accidents more survivable in a small vehicle? There are built in crumple zones. They absorb the concussion forces. It also creates severely damaged lump of plastic and metal. That electric shut off is purely in a crumple zone. Another thing is you must wait a few minutes for the battery system to discharge before doing the firefighting thing! Here's another fact Joe! You that little handle you pull to release the hood from inside the car? If there is a fire under that hood and you pull that little handle for access, it will probably just come off in you hand. Oh! I also loved the part where you told us the government needs to pay you to buy these vehicles! I see dope smoking and whiskey slurping hasn't dulled Elon's business savvy.

Joe King

oh fire.....you are the reason my generation doesn't have flying cars....you were still arguing for horse and buggy.....It must really pain you to use a cordless, nay a cell phone when you have a perfectly fine cord to use.... Inventions and leading the way results in trials and errors...what about the report on the Model S? You know, the one about it receiving the highest safety rating of any car....ever....? Forget that one? Pick and choose all you want...the future is coming....you can't slow it down anymore...

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