Goshen-Bristol high-speed chase nets arrest

GOSHEN — An Osceola man was arrested after allegedly leading officers from multiple agencies on a high-speed chase through Goshen.

Derek Messimore, 40, was arrested early Tuesday and charged with resisting law enforcement in a vehicle, a Level 6 felony. He was arrested following a chase from Goshen to Bristol that reached speeds of over 100 mph, during which he allegedly ignored traffic signals and drove into oncoming traffic.

Messimore allegedly told police he was distracted by loud music and his cell phone during the chase.

He was booked in the Elkhart County Correctional Facility on $25,000 bond. His initial court hearing is set for Thursday.

According to court documents:

A Goshen Police officer attempted a traffic stop on a maroon Chevrolet car Tuesday around 1:40 a.m. after seeing the driver turn without signaling. The officer had to speed up to 50 mph to catch up with the vehicle after it turned onto Madison from 7th Street.

The vehicle failed to stop for signs at several intersections as the officer tried to keep it in view. He turned on his emergency lights and followed the Chevrolet through turns onto a number of streets near Chandler Elementary School.

Other officers joined the pursuit as the Chevrolet drove south on Main Street and other streets around Goshen Hospital. The vehicle almost struck an SUV as it ran a red light at Main Street and Kercher Road, and at times drove in the oncoming lane on Main Street.

The vehicle turned east onto Waterford Mills Parkway, using the westbound lane, and eventually turned north and reached Main Street again. A deputy with the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office joined the chase.

The vehicle traveled north on Main Street and made several more turns before going west on Chicago Avenue, avoiding a set of stop sticks employed by police. The vehicle turned onto Elkhart Road and Peddlers Village Road before reaching northbound C.R. 17, where it sped up to about 105 mph.

The Chevrolet did strike some stop sticks placed on C.R. 17 at Beck Drive, but continued driving as it turned east onto S.R. 120. The vehicle drove in the oncoming lane for some distance, continuing even as both front tires came apart.

The Chevrolet eventually stopped near the intersection of S.R. 120 and Maple Street in Bristol, after a Middlebury officer got his cruiser in front of it and forced it to slow down. Messimore stuck both hands out the driver’s window and announced he was giving up.

He told police after being arrested that he didn’t see the red and blue lights on the cruiser until later in the chase. He said he was listening to loud music and talking on his cell phone.

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Old Derek must have been higher than a kite! I could hear the sirens coming forever!!!! I went out on the deck as the sirens got closer. Then all of a SLOW sudden there was this car followed by a large group of red and blue lights. As they passed the tree line in my view all sirens stopped and all the lights disappeared. It looked and sounded like a start of a parade. Then nothing! lol

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