GOSHEN — The Goshen Redevelopment Commission approved the final development plan for an $11 million apartment building near the canal downtown.

Commission members approved the final development plan for River Art, a 40-unit, four-story apartment complex planned for South 3rd Street at Jefferson Street. It’s part of a total $14.6 million project by Insite Development of Mishawaka that also includes the renovation of the northern half of the Hawks building into more housing.

The RDC approved the first draft of the plan in March 2018, with the requirement that the company submit a detailed plan for the site by the end of July 2019. To be approved, the detailed plan had to be generally consistent with the original concept, according to a memo to the commission from Becky Hutsell, city redevelopment project manager.

Artist renderings for the two drafts show that the layout of the apartment complex is similar, with a U-shaped building around an open central courtyard. There’s an underground parking garage beneath the courtyard.

The open end of the complex faces the canal and a proposed park, at the north end of the Hawks. A small expansion would be added to the northern end of the former furniture factory, the same height as the rest of the building.

The outside appearance and color scheme of the apartment complex has changed between drafts. Consistent light grey tones and a grey brick face on the 3rd Street side in the original plan are replaced by a more broken up pattern of light and dark grey with green accents. 

Hutsell said the final plan is consistent with the terms and conditions of the initial agreement and the city Department of Community Development recommended approval. She noted that the only change that could still occur would be the configuration of the units within the bedroom, as far as being one-, two- or three-bedroom units.

That could potentially alter the number of units available, but the footprint, overall site plan and exterior design would remain the same.

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