GOSHEN — The City of Goshen has added Violett Cemetery to its online database of graves.

The city created a comprehensive, interactive database of burial sites last year, starting with Oakridge Cemetery. 

Anyone can now use a computer or mobile device to locate a burial at Violett Cemetery, which is at 2818 Violett Road.

The link can be accessed at any time through the Cemeteries page on the City website: goshenindiana.org/cemeteries.

Cemeteries staff have also placed a QR code on the Violett Cemetery shop door that will take users straight to the web application when scanned.

Users can begin typing a last name in the search field and get a list of all people with that name buried in the cemetery. Clicking on an individual name brings up a popup with the name, burial date and section, lot and space number, along with an indication of where it is on a satellite image.

The service uses GIS technology. It was created in partnership with the Goshen Engineering Department.

Director of Cemeteries Burt Matteson is happy with the development after the success of the initial rollout.

“This is the next step in making burial information more available to the public,” he said in the announcement from the city. “People can use the technology they are already carrying to access this information. The Oakridge burial search was a great step forward and we think this resource will be as enthusiastically received as our database of Oakridge Cemetery. We at Cemeteries are grateful for the time Engineering personnel have invested in making this project so functional and beautiful.”

A timeline is being developed to provide the same service for West Goshen Cemetery.

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