ELKHART — Local motorists are feeling the pain at the pump as gas prices hit a record high of more than $5 this week, leaving some uncertain about their summer travel plans.

Gas prices in the Elkhart area were ranging from $4.87 to $5.39 on Wednesday for a gallon of gas. The average cost for gas in Indiana is $5.24, according to Gas Buddy.

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Joe! I do believe you are a closet neophyte Fox and Tucker viewer. You hardly ever make a statement without bringing them up! Get out of the closet Joe! Join those Fox news viewers. They have the vast amount of viewers of news channels. I do like Tucker's interviews with people like Mike Rowe and Robert James Ritchie. Try it! You might like it. Come into the light Joe! Slam that closet door!


So Joe! You realize that there is a difference from Keystone pipeline that has operated for many years and the Keystone XL pipeline. They both start at Hardisty Alberta. Keystone route is through Alberta, Saskatchewan, into Manitoba. Then south through North and South Dakota, to Steele City Nebraska! The proposed XL pipeline would follow a path from Hardesty through the very southwest corner of Saskatchewan , into Montana South Dakota to Steele City Nebraska. It would cut many many miles of the transport to refineries in Houston. But Joe figured he would just not let the permits. That coupled with banning any new permits in ANWR, no new permits in the Gulf and banning new exploration on public lands in the US, certainly DOES affect the cost of fuel. That old senile dufus that lives on Pennsylvania Av Washington DC, robs our strategic oil reserves at a time when we maybe entering another world war! Can't win a war without oil. Ask the Germans from WWll! So he goes begging to a dictator in South America, our enemies in the Mideast and there is even talk with cozying up to Tehran. Talk about not getting facts straight! WoW!! U R.... Well I can't wait until the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November!


If you don’t like the price of gas, thank a Democrat. Welcome to Bidens green new dream world. It will only get worse from here.

Joe King

More uneducated and false info brought to you by a GOP member...the ones who all voted down a gas gouging bill. Yes, 100% of the GOP voted down a gas price gouging bill. Meanwhile, all oil companies show record profits in the BILLIONS each quarter....but the endeducated and weak, fox news minded people want you to believe it is a Democrat or Biden.... Foolish....If it was true, he would make it a nickel..... OH yeah, their's a war going on, OPEC wich controls 80% of the oil are not increasing production, and the Oil Companies all tell their share holders they are not increasing the production either....so...educate yourself, turn fox news off and take Amercia back from the moronic, un educated, conspiracy loving, GOP members.....


Blindness is a physical condition of not being able to see. Liberalism is a condition of not wanting to see. Joe has the same argument for every issue, the right is bad and greedy. He is the perfect liberal.


A bill against 'gas gouging" is like any other price control, which usually lead to shortages. Supply and demand is a fairly immutable law, and you mess with it at your peril. Supplies are always low, and would go lower if prices aren't allowed to find an equilibrium. Supplies are ARTIFICALLY low, in fact, brought on by policies of the Biden administration.


America became Energy Independent under President Trump's Energy Executive Orders by opening the XL Pipeline and freeing up Land Leases on Public Lands for Oil and Gas Exploration...gas pump prices were $1.89 per gallon...Biden immediately canceled the XL Pipeline and rescinded the Public Land Leases for Oil and Gas Exploration which put America back to the Energy Dependent status...now we import from countries that have no interest in increasing their production as they have America under their thumb...Little Pete Buttigieg is giddy wanting gas to get to $10 per gallon...

Joe King

please educate yourself with actual facts and not false information from Tucker....The Xl was only 8% complete. It was never opened and running...it had nothing to do with price. it was an expansion or more of a bypass of an existing line...that is running currently. You are spewing talking points from propaganda tv fox entertainment.... try some real news channels sometime...Biden has approved more leases that your lord and savior trump...the one that tried to overthow the government and constitution...

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