Garbage truck explodes outside school

Garbage is strewn around a garbage truck which exploded after picking up a load at Bristol Elementary School Friday morning. The school was slightly damaged, but no students or staff were injured.

BRISTOL – A garbage truck exploded Friday morning while in the parking lot of Bristol Elementary School, according to media reports.

In a statement posted to Elkhart Community Schools' Facebook page, school officials told parents that there were no injuries to 550 students or staff inside the school and that "All students are safe and classes will proceed as normal." As a precaution, students were eating lunch in their classrooms and the air handlers had been shut down, school officials said.

Around 10 a.m., the garbage truck picked up a load from the school and began compacting the trash around 10 a.m. when the explosion happened in the parking lot, according to Bristol Police, as reported by Elkhart Truth reporting partners at ABC57.

Bristol Police and Bristol Fire responded to the scene. Bristol Fire extinguished the fire.

The explosion blew out the windshield of the truck and caused some heat damage to the outside wall of the school next to the janitor's entrance.

The driver of the truck refused medical assistance at the scene.

The cause of the explosion is being investigated by Bristol Police, Bristol Fire along with the state fire marshal.

The truck was full at the time of the explosion, according to information gathered by ABC57. The hauler had picked up trash from several commercial properties before picking up the school's trash. Authorities suspect whatever caused the explosion was picked up at one of the commercial properties, not the school, police said.

Bristol Chief Deputy Albin said the explosion was felt at the police station.

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We can likely rule out it was a residential propane tank. My guess would be an industrial size tank with o2 or argon like gasses. This truck was a commercial truck so what business did it stop at previously. Who will be held accountable himco? the business with the dumpster?


OK Sunset! I have no idea what caused the explosion. I can guarantee you, if the tank is pierced or leaking or breached and the oxygen content of the air is in ignition range, the smallest of sparks WILL cause a blast.


We can rule out propane tanks but if it was an industrial tank of argon, O2 ect. It came from a large company, this is not a residential truck. Will the company that put the tank in their dumpster be held accountable? Will Himco be held responsible? or are we just going to try and forget about this so nobody looks bad....


Why no updates on this potentially deadly incident? None of the news medias are talking about it - the FBI was there. Evidently there is a story, why is it hush after 1 day? Something doesn't make sense. [whistling][whistling][whistling]


Well I doubt it was contents in the schools dumpster that caused this. I wonder where the previous couple stops where.....

c smith

More then likely a propane tank was thrown into a dumpster


have you ever seen a propane tank explode? No- why, because they don't! Unless they have a flame or spark. Puncturing a tank alone will not cause it to explode - it will only release gas. If you don't believe me, google it.

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